Save yourself $ 500 with this 5-minute hair curling shack

From the second second, Dyson Airwrap has dropped, the beauty industry has lost its mind over the innovative AF hair curling, curling iron hybrid, which wipes the hair while it's time to cut the styling time in half! When it came to our Instagram flow, we could not believe our eyes, it literally looked like a hair styling device from the future, in the outermost outer space! The only thing that prevented us from immediately adding our shopping cart was the price tag: it costs $ 549. And even though we understand it's the most innovative tool made by the hair stylist industry for decades, it's no denying that it's a lot of money. So when we came across a curling hack that imitates the same drying technique, but you only need a plastic bottle to meet your harddrives (not a month's rent) we had to give it a while.

Dyson Airwrap

For those who have not seen the Dyson Airwrap, it uses a new technique that attracts hair to a long cylinder using a winding mechanism. Simply put it sucks and sweeps the hair around the tool while it wipes and curls it and leaves you with big bouncy curls that look salon fresh.

Like Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $ 399, Airwrap has a thermostat that measures the airflow temperature 20 times a second to ensure that the heat never exceeds 150¬įc, lowers the risk of hair damage. There are two curling options for larger, more bulky curls or smaller curls, as well as a solid leveling brush, a soft smooth brush, a round brush and a drying bracket as you clamp the cylinder. It's also super easy, easy to use with magnetic accessories, and it does not make the usual killing buzzen on a regular hair dryer.

That said, it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting styling tools the hair industry has ever seen, but again it's quite damn expensive. So, in an effort to save your $$$, we introduce you to the plastic bottle shoulder we have started to see the full grams.


Honestly, this hack is as innovative as the dryer itself but does not cost a small fortune. It's so simple and it looks very effective, we have to check it out for ourselves:

Our step by step guide:

All you need is a plastic bottle and a hair dryer with a nozzle – it's that simple.

STEP 1: Use a pair of big scissors or a palette knife, cut off the top of the water bottle so that one end is sealed and the other one is open – place your hair.

STEP 2: The lower side of the bottle cuts a rectangular slot that is 2 cm longer than the length of your hair dryer nozzle and 3 cm in width. Here, insert the dryer nozzle, so depending on the size of the nozzle you can make it bigger if needed.

STEP 3: Now that the bottle is prepped, take a small portion of your hair and turn it gently and place it in the bottle. Insert the nozzle into the bottle through the rectangular cover. Turn on your hair dryer and leave it in the insert to wipe your hair for about 30 seconds. But be careful the bottle gets seriously hot so make sure you wear gloves!

STEP 4: Remove the hair from the bottle and spray with hairspray. Make this the rest of your hair, make small sections at a time.

Our judgment: It works completely !!! Even though we had seen some videos, we were still a little skeptical until we saw the curls for ourselves. Of course, it does not have hair-saving technology like Dyson Airwrap or the different brushes and drying options, but it delivers the same jump hooks, and perhaps even faster than Airwrap. We are sold !!

There is literally nothing we love more than finding a hack like this! Let us know if you know any other amazing $$$ saving beauty hacks in the comments below.