Selena Gomez has completed a mental health care program following an "emotional breakdown"

Update, 6:03 p.m. TMZ and E! has removed his stories about Selena's possible release from mental health care. Who knows what's happening, but here's a theory that circles Twitter:

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Original History, 5:31 p.m. After checking into a mental health in October after two hospital stays and what TMZ called "emotional breakdown", Selena Gomez is at home and in a good mood. According to a E! The source, the singer is now "out of her treatment program in NYC and does it much better" and she feels "updated and has a better headroom". Yay!

The E! The source also said that Sel will continue to look professional about her mental and physical health while she is at home.

The reason she ended up in a treatment facility is primarily due to a health hazard. According to TMZ, Selena was in hospital at the end of September "over an alarming low number of white blood cells following her kidney transplant", leaving her feeling "despondent and emotional". Then, just a week later, she got back to the hospital again because her white blood cell count had not improved.

Before Selena went for treatment, she told Instagram followers that she would take a break from social media. She honestly wrote about how she felt that she was "on an auto pilot for about five years. Just go through the movements and decide who I am and just do the best I could and then slowly but surely do it."

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It seems that Selena puts in work for a healthy and happier future, and hopefully she continues to get all the treatment she needs.

If you or someone you need need help, please write Crisis Text Line at 741741.