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Last week has been really crazy with my brother's wedding, hence the missing posts! So when I was shopping for the wedding I visited Sephora for the first time in Hyderabad. Their overnight hair mask was the one that interested me and I picked these Sephora hand mask gloves together. You may have heard me cribbing about my extremely cracked and damaged skin on my fingers. I thought some moisturizing gloves might be helpful.

Sephora Hand Mask Gloves infused with Aloevera Product Review

Price: Rs 450 for a couple

Availability: Sephora stores and Sephora online

My review

Well, the first thing I thought of this product was "fucking! It's really expensive". Who wants to buy a disposable mask for $ 400? Anyway, I got the sephora hand mask gloves and overnight hair mask, but afterwards could buy another pair of gloves have been a better use for my money.

The bag contains a pair of gloves with sephora gloves and there is no serum in the bag that you would find in a face mask. The serum is present in the gloves. You just have to put them on your hands and sit. The product states 20 minutes but I recommend as long as possible but it will be tiring!

When you put on the sephora hand mask gloves, you feel nothing, but then about 2-4 minutes later you can feel the serum around your fingers. I initially thought the amount of serum was much smaller but I don't think it is strictly true! Serum probably melts with your body heat or something similar.

I kept on the hand mask gloves for probably 30 minutes and there was still a lot of serum left inside so I went over the gloves to my husband. He kept it on for probably 10 minutes and there was still a small portion of the serum left. I decided to store the gloves for another use, just in case. After removing the gloves, I massaged any serum on my hand.

sephora hand mask, sephora hand gloves, aloe vera hand mask, moisturizing gloves

My hands were really moisturized, my nails looked amazing, the cracks on the skin had softened to touch and they looked brighter. Actually, my hands look very dull and dark, probably from lack of hydration rather than moisture. And Sephora handmade gloves are really brilliant. The same applies to my husband who does not use anything at all on his skin.

And just today I put the gloves on for only 5 minutes to see if there was any serum left. It's almost over, can take one time in 5 minutes. My hands looked directly brighter, the nails moisturized and the nails were shinier. Boy, they are great for a quick pickup. In fact, instead of keeping them for 15 minutes at a time, you can get multiple uses in 5 minutes each.

Overall, I think sephora handwash gloves are one great product If you do not get regular manicures and your hands never look beautiful. Yes, it is expensive but if I plan to use it once a week for 5 minutes, I guess it will take me almost a month and a half which is a little cheaper, let's say! But, you should definitely try it.

Have you used handworms for handworms?

They have them in different variants. Have you tried someone? Avocado sounds interesting because it is heavy on nutrition. I'll definitely try them when I'm in the mood to splurge. In the meantime, ask someone to get them from the US to $ 5 each. Which variant is your favorite?

Until then, Swathy.