Shampoo selection

Many people don’t know how to choose the shampoo that suits them. Now let me show you.

A. General hair quality

There is no hot dyeing in the hair, no dandruff oil, blemishes, etc. You can choose some nutrient shampoos and wash them together. Keep your hair healthy.
shampoo selection

Second, dry fluffy

The hair is more fluffy, it is easy to have static electricity. Use a weak acid shampoo, which is a moisturizing shampoo, because the alkaline shampoo will Take away a lot of oil from the scalp to make the scalp drier. The acidic shampoo provides an acidic environment to cleanse the scalp without destroying the oil layer of the scalp. Usually do some oyster sauce, hair mask, add hair oil and moisture.
shampoo selection

Three, severely injured forks

often hot dyeing, causing damage to hair scales, hair is easy to break, split, it is recommended to use professional for hot dye damage The care of the hair, repair the hair scales, and make the hair back to health.
shampoo selection

Four, oily and soft

If the oil is very strong, use a product with strong cleaning ability, do not use moisturizing or repairing function; if oil is generally used, only use protective Shampoo with dual functions of hair and oil control can be used.
shampoo selection

Five, easy to lose hair

You can choose to prevent hair loss from shampoo, which can reduce hair loss and promote hair regeneration.
shampoo selection

Six, dandruff itch

The dandruff needs to be managed healthily. Only the comprehensive, systematic and scientific conditioning of the scalp can eliminate the scalp such as head oil from the root. The problem is to keep the scalp healthy.
shampoo selection