Shanghai – AMDMode

Shanghai, a city that was relatively obscured to the 19th century. It originally came to international appearance as a result of its extraordinary geographical location. Located in the southern part of the mouth of the Changjiang River, surrounded by the western coastal provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the city was able to exploit the great agricultural resources in China while maintaining good trade relations with European power.

Shanghai has a real charm that sits just below the surface; and to discover all that is distinctive, it is sometimes inviting frustration. In terms of accommodation, Shanghai is a city that is in violation of various options, for an interesting stay, when PuLi is your destination – the initial property of Urban Resort Concepts. Hidden in the middle of Jingan, the mere effect of arriving at PuLi can prove that it meets: a screen of bamboo green flank your attitude; and the hotel's entry spans you into a hidden haven where the climb in the intruded city seems to be a distant memory.