Sia revealed that she lives with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Pop singer and songwriter prophesy arrived on Friday, October 4 to open up about her health and live with chronic pain.

"Hey, I'm suffering from chronic pain, a neurological disease, Ehlers-Danlos and I just wanted to tell you those suffering from pain, whether it's physical or emotional, I love that you continue," Sia wrote in a tweet. “Life is going to be difficult. Pain demoralizes, and you are not alone. "

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome "is a group of disorders that affect connective tissues that support the skin, bones, blood vessels, and many other organs and tissues," according to U.S. Pat. National Library of Medicine. One of the symptoms of the disease is hypermobility, which can cause chronic pain, which Sia referred to in her message. The disease is rare, as it affects only 1 in 5,000 people worldwide.

Sia's tweet was a look behind the curtain to the singer's personal life, which she often keeps private. Sia used to appear and go out in public in massive blonde wigs that would cover her face. "I don't wear this unless there are cameras around," Sia told James Corden The Late Late Show with James Corden under his segment, Carpool Karaoke. "I only wear this to maintain privacy." She expressed that as her fame began to rise, she thought: "" What's not in pop music right now? "And that was mystery."

Her message showed that although she lives a glamorous life of a world-famous singer, she still struggles with problems that many others also face. "Thanks for sharing," one fan responded. “I'm also an ehler-danlos warrior. This disease is a beast and your music has brought me through many moments in my struggle. Love you forever."

"I have a condition similar to eds: unspecified genetic connective tissue disease, pathogenic mutations in my FBN1, ELN and multiple collagen genes," another person responded. "Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness."

While she may have struggled privately with her symptoms, Sia has not let it hinder her professionally. The artist has released albums since 2003, with new hits such as "Thunderclouds", "Chandelier" and "Dusk Till Dawn" constantly playing in our minds. In addition, she has more than 27 million monthly listening to Spotify – making her beautiful darn "Unstoppable", just as her 2016 song suggests.