Side profile introduction

A lot of people look at the face and only look at the front. This is actually wrong. From the side of a person, you can quickly understand the person’s personality. .

1. Convex type, which features: nose bridge and lips protruding, chin retracted, and the entire head surface is protruding. To use a word to describe the personality of this person, it is “fast”, typical acute sub-face, the advantages and disadvantages of this person are fast, advantages: fast thinking, strong observation, fast action, aggressive heart; shortcomings : Impulsive, lack of patience, irritability.

2. Concave type, this face is characterized by: forehead protruding, flat eyebrows, low nose bridge, and prominent chin. To use a word to describe the personality of this person, that is, “slow”, typical chronic face, the advantages and disadvantages of this person are slow, advantages: calm, impulsive, rational, endurance; disadvantages: lack of imagination Power, creativity, lack of self-motivation, and a heavy heart.

Generally, the concave type of person has a deep heart. You make him sinful. He will never show a slight disappointment on his face. So if you have such a person around you, if there is It is best to beware of conflicts of interest.

3. Straight type, this facial features are: the forehead is straight, the nose is straight, and the mouth is straight on the chin. This kind of person’s personality is between the acute and the chronic, the thought is synchronized with the action, which is an ideal side profile.

4. The upper convex type is concave, this type is not common, and the facial features are: the upper end of the forehead is protruding, the eyebrow is flat, and the chin is retracted. This type of face is not ideal, it means slow thinking, fast action, and action faster than thought, it is easy to act rashly, it is difficult to carry out careful planning.

However, if you are engaged in work that is not very efficient, such as art, creation, etc., there is no problem, more routine work may be difficult, such as office clerk who needs faster response, If you act rashly, it is easy to be embarrassed by the boss.

5. Upper concave convex shape, this type is more common, and the surface features are opposite to the convex upper concave. This kind of person thinks very quickly, but the action is very cautious, more practical, and often thinks a lot to do.

 Side profile description