Single Babe Energy – What is Big Dick Energy

So far, you've probably heard of big-dick energy – the viral catchphrase for the undeniable air of confidence that some guys seem to radiate. The theory is, well-equipped dudes have some extra swagger.

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Women can project a similar self-assertive mood – even though we have nothing to do with a particular body part. It's just about the energy that comes to be happy and completely self-sufficient. And when you're single, it can be insanely magnetic. As a taxi driver with his light, this silent signal tells the world that you are cool, just crossing on your own but also available. Well, Cosmo puts a name on the powerful allure: single babe energy (SBE for short).

Emitting SBE can cause a noticeable shift in your dating life. Suddenly you can get more compliments and be queried often. Who does not want it? We sought out a range of "energy skills" – from astrologers to body language professionals to psychologists – to find out what SBE means to them and how to challenge it.

1. Let your pheromones be your scent.

      Go without perfume. Your natural scent provides important clues to your lifestyle, says Tega Brain, founder of Smell Dating. And according to an OKCupid survey, 81 percent of the singles find a partner's smell important.

      2. Realize you deserve your own happiness.

      When making daily decisions, embrace your own know-how and go with your bowel. This tells you that you do not need external validation, which can be tempting, says Jenny Taitz, PsyD, author of How to be single and happy.

      3rd Grow social confidence.

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      "Do something that makes you" peacock ", says evolutionary biologist Justin Garcia, doctor of Kinsey Institute. In other words, ID what you're good at, show off your talent. Garcia's studies have shown that both men and women find this romantic and sexually attractive.

      4. Works as if you keep secret of a special kind of magic.

      Use your zodiac sign's unique features. Aries, Leos and Sagittariuses can boldly buy a hottie a drink, says Claire Comstock-Gay, aka Madame Clairevoyant. Tauruses, Virgos and Capricorns can sleep on silk tiles to increase sensuality. Geminis, Libras and Aquariuses can work with their charm. Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces can be more mysterious.

      5. Making people feel important.

      When you're interested in someone, use physical signals to signal that you want to connect to them on a deeper level, "says Traci Brown, author of Paragraph persuasion. Think: A touch of light at the right moment or mirror of their gestures.

      6. Place yourself out there.

      Splash your iCal with three or four social activities this week, Nicole Prause, PhD, founder of the sexual biotechnology company Liberos, suggests. This will keep you active and nix some downer vibes. And yes, these excursions may include dates. Having an active dating life makes women less self-conscious, says Prause, who can help you deliver more upcoming vibes.

      7. Develop a love.

      Remember in the middle school when you list all * dreamy * things about your love? Spiritual teacher MaryAnn DiMarco, author of Believe, ask, act, proposes to revive the habit but lists all the things you love about self (you are a good cook, a turn-or-die friend, etc.). Then note some shortcomings as well. Recognizing and accepting these features helps you to own all of them – and others will notice.

      This story was originally published in December 2018 edition of Cosmopolitan.