Sling bag – (one Buddha into the dust)

sports bag - (one Buddha into the dust)

I look at the world with my eyes,

There is no one in the world,

There is no natural sorrow,

Basil is born to the world,

I want to participate in the night,

The bliss looks like Beidougui,

I have been dusty in the north and south,

After all the way back to the dead, chase,

Don’t call back,

Floating and going to the water,

Treading the waves and going back ,

Heavenly scatters the help of the singer,

I am very sad,


People are astonished,

There are words in the world,

Cang has a heavenly book,

Heaven and Man hope Break,

I invite the immortals to talk about the night,

The fairy dreams come together,

There are people who go to the Bohai Sea,

Life and the world seek freedom,

Not too much,

There is nothing in the room,

I really have a skirt bag,

I have been in the sea since then,

have been in the world,

He Thank you, me, and save myself,

If you are really happy,

Ignore grace and liberation,

No one owes me this life,

Look at the heavens and the earth,

Natural wonders grow up,

Why are you convinced,

Let’s appreciate Xi Rong,

Let the flowers come from the red grass,

The clouds flow from the rain,

Han Zhuangshuo is self-shaking,

Le Rong is not too old,

He wants to chase Peng Zushou,

He Sizhizhi can’t climb Wuhou,

Absorb and give ,

Life is self-satisfied,

beautiful and open-minded,

The heart of the heart is rumored,

Le and It is open and endless.

People are not shy because of madness,

Because they are young and ignorant,

Mings is still behind their people,

More Young and young, different,

Exhaustion is still a mystery,

I am sending a stranger to the stranger,

I was walking because of the strangeness,

Today, because of the lost, I don’t just ask,

when I was sleepy for a lifetime,

the wind blows the bamboo raft,

God to the body,

When life is not heavy,

Life is hard,

Don’t dare to squint,


When you work together, you have to fight for it.

2015.08.31 (about one song)