Social Media Rule Guide at Wedding

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Let's face it, social media is in all parts of our lives in the digital age and it will of course go to your wedding. If you are worried about what the possible results might be or prefer to keep things more intimate, it is very important considering this element.

Not all couples want to have photos of Instagram on Instagram and several couples would love it if you posted and tagged! Despite personal preferences, there are different things about what is acceptable and what is not. For example, some love setting up engagement rings on social media. Still looking for the perfect one? You can discover some unique engagement rings of Certified Diamond Network.

Wedding social media does and does not

Image source: Unsplash

  • Think about the couple and respect what they want

Above all, you want to pay attention to the couple. Not everyone wants a snapshot of the world for a moment and that's good. If the couple specifically asked to keep things intimate and social media, respect this and throw away the phone at such times. If you hold the wedding yourself, you want to clarify it by either adding it to the invitations or making a short message at the beginning.

  • Do not spread messages before the couple has

If you are close to the bride or groom and they tell about the engagement, do not shout it just yet. We know that you are excited and super happy for them, but it is important to let them spread the news if they want and at a time that suits them.

You never want to adopt things on social media and submit them to the wedding. You might be thinking of screaming out to the new gentleman and lady while adding their new surname. But you never know if the bride has decided to keep her last name or take her husband. So be mindful of jumping to conclusions and spreading this quickly because emotions can be damaged in the process and the boundaries can be crossed.

Another thing to add here is that you don't want to tell all their surprises. If they have something special about the wedding as fireworks or another surprise, they want to keep it as a surprise. So respect their desires and pay attention not to talk about it on social media. Another example of this is with the wedding dress and can relate to the bridesmaid and close friends. Share only if the bride gives permission otherwise it is best to stay away from social media when it comes to wedding updates.

  • At the wedding, watch out for the photographer

The couple pay good money to get a professional catch the highlights of their special day. You do not want to destroy this or get in the way of this by being on top of the couple's face and taking all possible shots. It's a good idea to capture the special moments in measure, as you can catch something the photographer lacks.

Keeping all these points in mind will ensure that the wedding runs smoothly and no one is offended by social media.

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