Solve the 8 big puzzles of eye care

Solve eye care 8 big puzzles

Confused one: Every time you run out of computer, after doing your homework, your eyes hurt! Will this become blind?

Solution: This is a warning that the eye is overworked. When you focus on your eyes, it is best to rest for 15 minutes every 2 hours. These 15 minutes should close your eyes, relax your body, and gently press the eyelids with your fingertips to relieve fatigue; if you can, apply a cold/hot towel to the eye, which will feel more comfortable and reduce the formation of dark circles. .

Confused 2: I heard that applying Eye Mask can go to dark circles. How many times is it enough in a week?

Resolve: In fact, there are many kinds of effects of Eye Mask. To eliminate fatigue, whitening, dark circles, and lines, you should choose the type you need. Eye Mask is enough to apply 1-2 times a week. Excessive application may cause skin burden, causing oil particles or deeper wrinkles.

Confused 3: Make up makeup, do you have to remove makeup together with your eyes? Isn’t this too greasy, is it easy to get grease?

Resolve: Eye makeup remover should use a special make-up remover, which is milder and easier to remove cosmetics that are more difficult to remove such as mascara.

Confused 4: The mascara is difficult to clean, and it is hard to wipe and wrinkles. What should I do?

Solution: If you want to remove the mascara gently and easily, you should apply the cotton pad with the makeup remover to the eye for a few seconds. After the makeup remover dissolves the mascara, wipe the remaining residue. You can use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and carefully wipe it cleanly.

Confused 5: My wrinkles are naturally deep, is it a sign of premature aging?

Solution: There are two reasons. The first may be that your skin is inherently inelastic, so it is prone to wrinkles; the second may be fine lines caused by dry skin. You should use a moisturizing eye cream, usually pay attention to avoid wiping your eyes, frequent blinking and other small movements.

Confused 6: After each make-up powder, the fine lines under the eyes become very obvious. Do you want to use a moisturizing foundation?

Solution: It may be because the skin is too dry. It is recommended to use a moisturizing base cream before makeup to help soothe and smooth fine lines, so that the foundation can be more closely attached to the skin.

Confused 7: It is easy for my eyes to grow grease particles. Is the eye cream too greasy?

Resolve: The skin of the eye is weak, and it is less oily. Unless it is extremely dry, you should use a refreshing skin care product; especially for young girls, moisturizing is more important than moisturizing.

Confused Eight: I have been sleeping for eight hours a day, why is the eye circle still so dark?

Solution: It may be because your natural melanin is more active, or it may be caused by poor blood circulation in your eyes. On weekdays, you should do more eye massage, take turns to apply hot and cold towels, and try to improve the blood circulation of the eye.