SpaceX launches new rocket in September

SpaceX launches new rocket in September

Heavy Falcon Rocket Launching Imagination

The CEO of SpaceX has always been used to making big news on Twitter. Yesterday he mentioned something. For example, he likes Python. He was inspired to create Tesla in 2003, but he mentioned that the most important thing is the big guy of SpaceX. The “heavy falcon” may First flight in September. He specifically stated that the engines of the three rockets will faint Cape Canaveral in one to two months, and fly for the first time after that.

This is a very significant event because the heavy falcon is the most powerful rocket produced by humans after the Apollo program. We used to know that it was coming soon because the first flight test was originally scheduled for 2018 and required a test flight. Now we are officially having a timetable for heavy falcons.

One of the reasons for the delay in the launch of the heavy falcon was that some of the launch sites at Cape Canaveral suffered some damage. However, it seems that everything is fine now, and the launch of the heavy falcon is coming soon.

Technically, this is the first flight of a heavy falcon, but essentially the heavy falcon is a parallel connection of three Falcon rockets. The Falcon rocket has become very reliable so far, and the damage to Cape Canaveral stems from the explosion when AMOS-6 (Israel Communications Satellite) was launched last year. The upcoming heavy-duty Falcon will launch the first private spacecraft, the James Webb telescope and many other important space missions. The coming months will be the most important months in the history of space exploration, because after our relatively long absence, we are beginning to re-enter the universe.