Spice Girls Reunion Tour Additional Date

Spice Girls message

Getty ImagesMatt Crossick – PA Pictures

If you're still wondering Monday's happy news that Spice Girls-minus Posh is on tour again, then you'll look better and take on your A-game, as tickets sell FAST.

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Tickets went on sale at 10:30 this morning (British time, duh) for the sixth concert, and according to independence they were sold in just a few minutes. But since everyone deserves some girlfriend in their lives, the group quickly adds another four concerts after the first dates sold, two in London and two in Manchester.

Unfortunately, all 10 concerts will happen in Britain, so if you can not catch a ticket and Have a flight, you have to agree to watch Spice World if repetition and imagery that you are in an arena that sings your heart out to "Spice Up Your Life", instead of just in your living room, your cats irritate. Sigh.