Stay calm and mom on

To protect yourself and your family (and enough) during the coronavirus pandemic

When we get used to changes in our daily routine, it can feel overwhelming. The kids, work, everyone is home – like! Thankfully, there are many small steps you can take to protect yourself and your children during these precarious times.

As we learn more about the corona virus and how it affects children, it is gratifying to note that children do not appear to be at greater risk than adults.

We know you've heard it VERY recently, but (pandemic or no pandemic) is now the time to practice social distance and avoid people who are sick, coughing or sneezing. Stay at home if you are not feeling well and if not at all, stay away from family members until you feel better. If you feel sick, be sure to cough in your sleeve or elbow. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth and encourage little ones to do the same.

Keep the baby nourished

If you are breastfeeding your baby at this time, move on! There are still many unknowns about coronavirus and how it spreads, but according to CDC, breast milk can provide protection against many diseases, including this coronavirus. If a nursing mother has tested positive for coronavirus, she should wash her hands carefully before touching the baby and consider wearing a face mask while feeding the baby, but she should still continue to breastfeed.

The same attention to hygiene is crucial for mother's bottle feeding children. Carefully wash and disinfect all bottles, nipples and other feeding equipment in warm soapy water after each use and allow to air dry. Don't forget to wipe surfaces with a high touch such as sink, dishes and the often missed fridge door handle!

Stay calm if you are pregnant

Pregnant mamas: We know you are already managing the stress of staying healthy, and worrying about the spread of a new virus is the last thing you need. There are still many unknowns, but at present it does not seem that pregnant women are more likely than the rest of the population to suffer from coronavirus. Women who are pregnant should follow the same recommended hygiene precautions – regular hand washing, avoid touching their faces and staying away from large crowds. If you have specific concerns about your risk of getting a coronavirus, contact your healthcare provider. Many OBGYNs make phone deals as a way to stay in touch while avoiding unnecessary exposure. Ask if yours is willing!

Stay at home if possible

The message is pretty clear: stay home. Even if it drives you bonkers! Reducing your social interactions and following the region's social distance guidelines will help stop the spread of the virus. In addition, it helps to stay home to relieve the burden on health care. If you need to talk to your healthcare provider, you may want to take advantage of telemedicine services if they are available in your area. Many pediatricians, OB, fertility doctors and primary care physicians make telephone appointments right now. Take advantage of reduced face time.

Encourage rest and recharge

Help small people navigate the changes in their normal routine and encourage regular naps and rest time. Think calmly and use Owlet Smart Sock during naps and overnight to track the baby's oxygen and heart rate. Keep an eye on the child while they sleep and maybe even get yourself to rest when you know that Smart Sock notifies you if the child needs to be checked. See a detailed sleep and history report to discover patterns and make adjustments in your child's schedule to encourage healthy habits.

While we are all social distances, take advantage of the increased time at home to establish new traditions with your children and let your (and their) imagination flourish. Explore new parts of the house, build a fantastic couch mount, or look through old photo albums to keep everyone entertained. Right now, Instagram is rich in ideas about fun activities and ways to keep your little ones engaged.

Keep your hands and surfaces clean

Remind everyone in your house to practice "good hand hygiene" and wash your hands frequently with soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (if you find it!). Make a play with the little ones and wash for 20 seconds or more. In the evening, a super blurred whirlpool for baby or child is perfect! Take time every day to disinfect areas with high traffic and high touch, such as door handles, tables, switches, remote controls and bathrooms. And don't forget the soft items! Wash onesies, swaddles and "lovies" in the hottest water a little more often than you usually do.

Think about childcare arrangements

In the coming weeks, many of us will find ourselves at home (argh!) And spend more time together as a family (yes!). And while there is a silver lining to all affiliation (Make memories! To witness milestones!) There will still be times when you need an extra set of hands to take care of the little ones.

Since we know that coronaviruses greatly affect the elderly population, do not ask older family members or grandparents to watch baby over the next few weeks. Stay in touch with Grandma and Grandpa over FaceTime or send videos back and forth to share today's highlights. Use your Owlet camera to include everyone in bedtime routines. All you have to do is share your login information for the Owlet app with grandparents or parents who are stuck at work, and they can log in to sing a bed at bedtime or help read a story before saying good night!

A lot is happening right now and even though it may feel overwhelming, these little acts will help you feel empowered. Lean into your community, social media, and online forums for entertaining little ones, and embrace technologies like Owlet Smart Sock and Cam to stay healthy and get you through these efforts.

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