Strawberry cocktail gel – sweet potato

Strawberry Cocktail Gel  -

It’s hot on weekends, do you want to be at home, or want to be at home? A little bored at home? How big is it, you can be at home Fashion! Putting fresh and beautiful strawberries together with Magarita and gel, will you come out? Not enough fashion, hurry up!

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Strawberry is good looking and it’s time to play some tricks Now!

How to play? It’s fun to play today.

Put a strawberry into a cup and make a cocktail gel.

Be a good point, it’s also a summer.

Strawberry Cocktail Gel


Large strawberries, about 30;

Strawberry-flavored gel, 1 box;

Tequila, 1 cup;

Kundo, 3/4 cup;

Sugar, right amount ;

lime, 2;


1, all strawberries are cut at the head and pedicle, and the head is shallow A knife, a knife at the pedicle to form a cup-shaped shape. The two incisions remain parallel.

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2, use the spoon to gently dig the internal flesh of the strawberry Pay attention to the uniform thickness of the inner wall and do not cut through.

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3, put the digging strawberry in the baking tray Inside, use kitchen paper to make the strawberries a little bit dry.

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4, pour the gel powder into the bowl and add 3/4 cups of boiling water, stir while stirring, and dissolve it fully in about 2 minutes.

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5, will tequila and Cointreau Pour into the gel water and mix well.

 Strawberry cocktail gel     inline=

6, pour the cocktail gel into the container with the mouth Strawberry , try to fill it up (the gel will shrink when it is cold).

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7, put the strawberries in the refrigerator for 4 hours until solidification . Put sugar on the plate and mix the lime peel.

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8, take another lemon, cut into thin slices and change The knife is shown in the figure, ready to insert into the middle of one end of the strawberry tart.

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9, wipe the strawberry mouth with lime meat Put in a sugar plate and then pour in the lime slices.

 Strawberry Cocktail Gel  -

Only delicious tips

1. This gel is frozen with Margarita’s recipe. You can also consider other favorite recipes and pay attention to the taste.

2. If you can’t drink alcohol, you can make other homemade flavors, just like it.

 Strawberry Cocktail Gel  - sweet potato