Susannah Constantine divides her mind by asking fans if she will stop sleeping in the same bed as her husband

Susannah Constantine has given debate on social media by asking fans if she would stop sleeping in the same bed as her husband.

The TV presenter went to Instagram to ask the fans their thoughts about her plan. Explaining the situation in a video, she said that both her and her husband struggle to get quality sleep because he's spinning and snoring so they're thinking of changing their double bed for two singles in the same room.

The question started a debate among Susannah's followers, because some agreed with her idea and shared her own experience of having similar arrangements.

One said: "Loves your openness and honesty. If you love each other, it should not have any meaning for the bed arrangement. Be creative and sleep well."

Another said, "Yes, my second health snores like a walrus with sinus infection! The lack of sleep I got started coming to me and I was annoyed and kind. We sleep in separate rooms. We stay together to watch TV and have one hug but we are falling apart. I miss him who is next to me but in the end I'm more willing and happier. My job requires me to be on the ball so we had no choice but to handle the problem. It's not ideal but it's best of a bad situation. & # 39;

A third also agreed: "I think they have singles since. Nothing to lose. Nothing worse than a sleepy sleep." Many couples now choose separate rooms !! "

But others thought she would not go through with her idea because it could hurt their relationship.

You wrote: "Do not do it! Get a bigger bed and earplugs." If you're close enough to hold your hands, the single bed is meaningless and paves the way for spontaneity and distance between you. Touch is so important and everything else goes with it …. it changes the dynamics. "

Another commented: "Are you nuts? Get a king-size bed – do not get single beds … that marks the beginning of the end …"

Another said, "I think if you start the right single bed theory, it's a slippery way to permanent night insulation …. and the comets together will decrease and also the feeling of (little) abandonment afterwards … you can not stop your honey is a wriggler but hopefully you can get snarking.

From our sister side, Good to know, written by Mariana Cerqueira