Taco Bell presents "Party City Taco Bell"

Taco Bell enthusiasts can now take their fandom to the next level by holding a party at a Taco Bell restaurant. The chain announced only the pilot introduction of "PARTY by Taco Bell", which allows people to book a party at selected Taco Bell locations by December 22nd.

On his website, Taco Bell sees people using the new entertaining occasion for "life's biggest milestones or the" just for "occasions." Page Note: If you invite me to celebrate one of your biggest milestones on a Taco Bell, I will definitely buy you a Chalupa as a gift.

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The party of Taco Bell starts at locations across the country, including Cleveland, New York, Dallas and Newport Beach. The program allows you to reserve a time and place for up to ten people at TacoBellParty.com. When you arrive at your party venue, a Taco Bell Party Decor Kit awaits you. The kits come with table runners, plates and fun photo studios to ensure ample Instagram capabilities.

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Decoration sets are available in two versions: Feeling Luxe, Feeling Electric ("90's aesthetic color palette with bold, vibrant colors.). Of course, you can order your favorite Taco Bell menu items when you're there.

No party is complete without balloons, so be sure you can add hot sauce package balloons for your package for $ 16. There are three balloons: Mild, Hot and Four Sauce. You can also add additional tablecloth, party sunglasses, more photo supplies, and Taco Bell gift cards. Your party reservation is $ 25 and includes an interior kit. You have your reserved space for one hour, and the parties are only available on certain weekends. Make your booking soon … and do not forget to invite me!

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