Target 2018 Holiday Gifts includes a Lip Smacker Advent Calendar

Level with me: When you were 12, was it cooler than wearing a new lipstick chapstick in your bag / backpack / pocket? Between the colorful packages and flavors you would almost eat (looking at you, Skittles), it did not matter if you still were not allowed to wear makeup. You had Lip Smackers!

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And since everything is old again, Target launched a new Lip Smacker advent calendar just in time for Christmas 2018. 12 Days of Sweets-mas Calendar comes with a dozen sweet scented chapsticks, such as cotton sugar, bubble gum and mango.

Bonus: It's only $ 12, which is definitely less than you would spend on 12 individual sticks (at Tar-jay, individual tubes sold between $ 1.64 and $ 1.97). You will not feel obliged to buy one for yourself and one second for your equal 90-obsessed friend.

pictureLip Smacker

While Target regularly has Lip Smackers, they have launched several holiday variations that are also perfect stocking stuffers. There are cans of Skittles, Coca-Cola or M & M's tasty chapsticks, a set of sodas and the Holy Grail – a 24-degree Lip Vault. Buy the best Lip Smackers below and find them now at Target!