Tati Westbrook Net Worth – How Much Money Tati Makes on YouTube

Things you can do over the weekend: watch Netflix and walk around your living room pants-less. Continue tweeting about Game of Thrones even if it was a week and we all Need to move. Or, especially option number three, spend several hours of your life capturing this month's truly crazy YouTube Beauty Vlogger drama between James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

The drama, which I am literally too emotionally exhausted to discuss, but here we go, basically began thanks to James Charles, who collaborated with SugarBearHair vitamins at Coachella, a rival brand of Tati's own Halo Beauty.



This resulted in Tati beating James all over the internet and, more importantly, he lost millions of YouTube subscribers – which had a direct negative impact on his net. Meanwhile, the internet was very much Tati, and her followers almost counted doubled– That had a very positive impact on her entire ituation.

We've already broken Jamess's net worth right here, and it's time to check out Tati's because it's basically out here:



Kay, here's the deal with Tati's YouTube money

So this is really wild. Before the drama with James, Tati had about 5 million YouTube subscribers. And now? Now she has 10 million. This almost doubles how much money she makes from YouTube – and while we don't know exactly how much it is, it's pretty easy to figure out a combination of fifth class math and basic sleuthing.

As we discussed when we looked at JoJo Siwa's net worth (really a HARROWING experience for me), many factors go into the YouTube payment structure, but at the end of the day, more subscribers = more ad revenue. And more advertising revenue = more money.

JoJo and Tati currently have about the same number of followers, and to calculate roughly how much JoJo we looked at YouTuber Ryan ToysReview. In March 2019, Forbes reported that Ryan had an annual income of $ 22 million with about 18 million subscribers. In other words, about twice as many subscribers as Tati. So if we use that benchmark to approximate, it would put Tati's revenue potential at about $ 9 million for her channelif She keeps all her new subscribers by feud.

But there is also Instagram to think about!

Like so many brave influencers in front of her, Tati lives as #SponCon's life on Instagram. But with "only" 3.1 million followers, she doesn't make nearly as much money per sponsored service as someone James does – who earns $ 9,750 per post thanks to her 15.3 million followers.

Who knows what Tati earns by mail, but let's assume it's decent and move on to the hot topic on everyone's minds: HAIR VITAMINS.

Tati vitamin companies seem to do … decent? Perhaps?

As I mentioned, all the drama between James and Tati began over hard vitamins. Tati has her own company called Halo Beauty, which sells small jars of hot pink vitamins for about $ 39, and she is quite clear that her exact profits are quite hush-hush-but they are clear positively affects her total net worth, which comes up next!

Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, & Nails Booster

So, what is Tati's total net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, it's hovering about $ 6 million. But expect this number to constantly increasing when Tati has taken over the headlight in such a big way. Congratulations, TATI, I LEGEND.