Tess Holliday, other body-positive activists get a death threat

The boring reality of death threats is nothing new in the body-positive society. Activists handle constant haters, worries about trolls and threats to violence. But after a particularly scary threat sent to Tess Holliday, Natalie Hage and Whitney Way Thore, they decided to let the world enter a microcosm of the hatred they receive every day.

As Yahoo the same hateful message was reported to Natalie Hage of @ nataliemeansnice, calling both Tess Holliday and Whitney Way Thore. Among other insults and threats, the sender referred to the activists as "gluttonous sows" who "will not make it to 50."

All three shared the Instagram photo and decided to keep the sender's name and manage privately. They claimed he is a white man and a nurse, with a young daughter. In her text, Holliday explains that she receives death threats every day (take a minute and let it fall in.) Usually she writes that she "blocks[s] the person and go[es] about [her] day. "She has become" deadly "against the threats and hateful words, she says. But this time they decided to go to the police and reach out to the former perpetrator's former employer and family members.

Holliday drew a line from this kind of hatred to the United States climate of violence, especially the mass protector. "These men who shoot our schools, worship services, cafes, homes, etc. must be stopped. America has to wake up," wrote Holliday.

"I do not feel comfortable sharing his name because I do not know what he can," Hage explained to Yahoo Lifestyle. "I could easily find him online, see that he has been arrested several times and knows he has a history of problems that makes me not want to share because I'm afraid he could find me too."

Fans in the comment section urge Holliday, Hage and Thore to stay safe and confirm their decision to go to the police. As a commentator wrote: "Who has time for everyone who hates in his time? It's pathetic and wasteful."

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