The $ 11 Matt lipstick that you will fall in love with

bourjois rouge edition velvet

If there is a product we can never get enough of, It's a liquid lipstick, but finding a good one is more tricky than you think – especially if you do not want to fork more than 20 dollars. Here is the matter; We have tried a lot of pharmacy liquid lipstick (cute packaging and great prices), but none of them have done "it" for us – there's always a catch! Either the shadow collection is limited to too few shades that actually fit most skin tones, or they smell really fun (we will not name names) or they have a sticky texture that feels more like a shine … We have tried a lot!

But we found one that ticked all boxes – good applicator, color spectrum, formula and wear – and gave us a little more: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipsticks, $ 11. Not only do they come in 37 shades of seriously beautiful red, pinks, browns, oranges and berrytones (we guarantee you will love at least five shades!), but we are also a little obsessed with the formula. As the name suggests, it literally feels like velvet on your lips, and we love the sexy, soft blur velvet. The applicator and smooth structure make the application VERY simple and accurate, and it does not feel drought like some liquid lipstick can do.

bourjois rouge edition velvet

The only thing we will say is that this is not completely transferable, so if you want something that will go through food, drinks and under mistakes, maybe it's not for you (without eating it only lasts a few hours ). It has a half-color effect, so even if it lifts off, you're not left with obvious lines. The other good thing is that, because it's so easy to apply, you can turn it on in seconds without having to mirror – so unpacking is not an assignment. It works perfectly without a liner case, but for extra drama and more precise definition, it's even more beautiful with a lip liner.

Have you tried this? We still can not determine the shades of our shades, but we love the pink beads and rich red shades so much! Let us know what you think in the comments below.