The 5 best Facebook skin care products for free products and advice

If you're looking for a list of the best skincare related Facebook groups available, keep reading!

200 million people are members of Facebook groups to learn more about what they are buying.

Facebook groups are a way for skincare lovers to gather in one place and give and receive advice, gather information, read reviews before they buy, and get recommendations from others.

You don't want to miss everything they have to offer!

Did you know that hundreds of Facebook skin care products are available, some with thousands of members?

As you can see in my list below, reputable groups have been established by dermatologists and skincare experts with dedicated members who are passionate about the subject.

There are a lot of skincare skills (and even free products) right at your fingertips!

Side roof: It is always important to investigate what / whom the skin care group you are joining. Be careful out there; you can inadvertently join a group created by an internet marketer who is good at marketing strategy but knows nothing about skin care!

While members are not necessarily experts themselves, it is for some who help others to be hobbyists and they are very knowledgeable.

It can be very useful to get tips or a second opinion from a neutral source.

Interested in joining a Facebook skin care group yet?

I have done the hard work for you and collected the top 5 groups you should join in on your journey to better skin!

Continue reading to find out what my choices are and why.

1st Skincare Fans Unite! Private group of free skin care products and tips

Of course I will list my first. Ta-da!

A small clue: If you apply for my group to read this article, make sure I announce that I only get a free product offer waiting for you!

I'm surprised at the growth; I created this group less than 6 months ago and we have almost met 1000 members. And, if you are looking for "skin care" in groups, we are number 4 on the list all over the world!

This is the right group for you if:

  • You have lots of skin care products in your bathroom, or do you want to – but just don't know what to buy
  • You want personal help with what applies to your skin or product routine
  • You want to be the first to try new products
  • You want to learn how I created (2) 7-digit companies from a 70 square foot room
  • You are tired of entering Sephora or Ulta and feeling overwhelmed by what is available
  • You feel that some skin care companies are full of hot hair in their ads and claims (and yes, many of them are)
  • You like giveaways with free skin care products

We have people in this group who are currently using their first cleaners, and others who spend more than $ 1000 + annually on skin care.

In other words, you can find end-users, spa owners, brand owners, skincare junkies, beginners, influencers, and more!

I encourage you to post in the group And let me know your biggest skin care problem, whether it's fine lines and wrinkles, acne, melasma or dullness.

I respond personally and make recommendations!

I also encourage you to take my skin care quiz for personal help.

In addition, I like to provide updates on my Alana Mitchell's brand and product segment before being released to the public.

You can also give your feedback on my brand – I love hearing your views !!

I would be so honored if you joined my group.

Please leave a comment below if you do!

2nd Caroline Hirons Skincare Freaks

A native brother, Caroline Hirons is the queen of skin care and has received a large online success thanks to her blog and Youtube videos.

This group can be closed, but you have to check yourself when she closes it and opens it from time to time.

Her group has a lot of 15,000+ members!

As said on the group's "About" page, this is here "A nice place to talk and learn about everything skin care. This is a safe place for everyone, beginners to the pros."

Since Caroline's group has so many members, there are skincare discussions happening all day, so be prepared if you've got your messages enabled!

This group is known for:

  • Members seeking product recommendations and advice for skin problems
  • Skincare routine information
  • Before and after photos of members
  • Share favorite skin care products
  • General skin care humor

Caroline is a very busy woman, so she can't comment on everything, but she does it often!

One particular aspect of Caroline's group is that she offers a mentoring program.

As stated on the group's "Mentorship" page, "The person who has the experience and the skills to share can offer support in the mentor program. Mentors should have sufficient knowledge of a topic to give advice to someone with less experience. Each group member can ask someone to mentor them when they see the person listed as mentor. "

Pretty cool stuff!

3. Into The Gloss: The Group

If you are a fan of the site Into the Gloss and the Glossier brand, this is the group for you!

The site is for everyone and is great in empowerment, lifestyle and exploring beauty routines, and that theme continues in the group.

As stated on the group's "About" page, "Join the ITG team here every day to share your tips, favorite products, read the latest interviews and reviews, and discuss the beauty that matters to you today."

This group includes product recommendations, people seeking advice, and branded spotlights by members (here is an example).

You can find a new favorite!

Now there are two aspects of the group that I really like.

The first one is theirs Main Topics about a variety of cosmetics.

Here are some that I pulled from the list:

  • International beauty
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Adult hair
  • blackheads
  • scarring

You may find the information you are looking for without having to ask for help. 🙂

The other aspect I really like if the group is city ​​Guides.

The members give their opinion on what to buy, see, eat and do in larger American cities.

This can be a good resource for you if you are planning a trip!

4th Dr. Sam Skincare Club

Dr. Sam Bunting is a London-based cosmetic dermatologist who founded her own skincare line in June 2018.

Previously, she was the global brand ambassador for Dolce & Gabbana Skincare, an expert panelist for many beauty awards, and a regular contributor such as beauty and skin care expert for many newspapers.

She is known for her acne skills, knows the skin care market from the inside out and bridges the gap between "medical dermatology" and beauty.

I think it's safe to say she knows her stuff!

Her own Facebook group is "An exclusive but included forum dedicated entirely to skin care. We want to continue the conversation from our personal events online and enable you to stay in touch with relatives! We will keep you updated on upcoming events, new skin care findings, new video content and exciting new projects. "

If you are dealing with acne or worried about finding the right moisturizer, go to this group!

Dr Sam himself posts videos and will chime in the group chatter.

One thing that really stands out about this group is that they have personal events (in London) to talk about all skin care.

Each event focuses on another skin care perspective or partners with another skin care brand in an intimate environment.

For example, their latest theme was "Your Summer Skin Bootcamp for Body."

You can also leave with a candy bag with free skin care products!

5th Green Beauty Insiders

The Green Beauty Insiders group differs from the other groups that I recommended because it has a strong focus on – you guessed it – green beauty.

As stated on the group's "About" page, "This group is a place to explore and learn about the exciting world of green beauty, as well as sharing ideas, tips, and constructive discussion topics."

If you are interested in diving into an environment of green, clean, organic or completely natural beauty, this is a great place to start!

This group is known for:

  • Current trends
  • Members seeking product recommendations and advice for skin problems
  • Share favorite skin care products
  • Skincare routine information

Members also recommend lots of cruelty, vegans and paraben-free options.

The group also incorporates dedicated threads for self-release at the beginning of each new season, where small business owners, bloggers, YouTubers, estheticians, and more can share their green beauty-related websites and social media.

I support all small businesses and women who give each other!

OK, now back to my Facebook group …

I would love to join you my community of other skincare lovers.

My mission is to help you achieve your best skin yet through education!

I know how frustrating it can be to buy products over and over again, just to find out that they do not work for you.

I created my products with your results in mind and want you to try them!

Many members of my group have already fallen in love with my formulas and use them regularly.

Therefore, I offer you one of my collagen stripped masks for free.

All you have to do is pay for shipping!

Click here to check it out!

If you are interested in my other products, please visit

What to know about joining Facebook groups

I think this is obvious, but you need a personal Facebook account in order to join these groups!

Each group has its own set of rules that you must follow, or you may risk being removed from the group.

For example, a couple of my rules are to be kind and polite, and no spam.

I should also note that one thing that all these groups have in common is that they absolutely do not allow recommendations on several levels.

There are three different types of Facebook groups:

  • Public Facebook Groups allow anyone to see who is in the group and all content, but only members of the group can submit it. If you want to post, you have to ask to join.
  • Closed Facebook Groups requires that you be accepted in the group to see all content and posts. From the outside, only minimal info is visible. You may also need to answer some preliminary questions before accepting.
  • Secret Facebook Groups is exactly what they say. No one can see a secret group other than the members of the group. Secret groups are not shown anywhere on your Facebook, and only members can view the content. This is the most private option. I have used these before when planning a surprise birthday party!

The 5 groups I listed in this article are either public or closed (you should have no problem getting in!).

Other benefits of joining Facebook groups

In addition to access to a large amount of skin care and beauty information, Facebook groups are a great way to create networks and build relationships online.

As with Caroline Hirons, Dr. Sam, or my group, it's not every day you get involved with a skincare expert!

In addition, there may be thousands of like-minded people who share similar interests that you talk to and share ideas with!

In addition, there are opportunities for personal networks with meetings and events that host groups.

You never know who you can share a job post, talk or offer free resources.

Two oversights on Facebook groups that I appreciate are:

  • The ability to share and store documents containing valuable information. They stay in one place and are easy to refer to.
  • Votes. They are a quick and easy way to get feedback and see what the members want.

Final thoughts

It may be nice to have a skin care system behind you (a skin care army, if you like) right there on your smartphone.

When you cannot see your dermatologist or aesthetist, it is nice to be able to get a second opinion.

Many people do not even realize that Facebook can be used in this way!

It's just another example of how social media has changed our lives.

I personally love the feeling of society and see people helping each other out.

From reading my blogs, you probably have enough skin care to recommend products and give skin care advice!

I can't wait to hear about the groups you join!

What have you had with Facebook skin care products? Are there any other skin care products that you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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