The 5 Ultimate Makeup Tips All Need to Know

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Just as there are important things to know in life – As unicorns are real and do not leave your judge – there are also important things to know about makeup. You know, as if you have the most amazing foundation that looks like the skin, and how to make your eyeliner snatch your face. So, we give you the review of five must-known makeup tips so your makeup will always be flawless.

1. Feel your wing shape!

make up tipsSource: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images and Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Writing the perfect wing is a struggle at best times – but even if you managed to make them identical, your wing works for you or against you? We have all drawn the dubious wing where it has made us so tired and our eyes look droopy. We.feel.your.pain !!

make up tips

By knowing the wing that fits your eye, it actually makes the process so much easier, and you can help make them look bigger and wake up. Whether you have round, almond, hood or deep eyes, check out our guide to find the right wing shape for you. Of course, you can customize the style and make it deeper depending on different occasions, but by having an idea of ​​the form you should draw it makes the whole process so easier.

P.S. We love the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Liner, $ 22, for pulling a wing; It makes the precision program easier, and it slides so smoothly!

2. Apply false fringes as a professional

Everyone loves the idea of ​​wearing fake lashes for a night out or event, but it's harder to get you into the chubby finish! Fortunately, if you are not an experienced pro, there is an easy way to take the stress off using false lashes.

Instead of applying the entire welding strip at once; Once you have trimmed it to fit the width of your eye, cut the cloth into three parts.

We know that this sounds like a bad idea, but it is much easier to apply the small blades. Begin at the outer corner of the eye and place each lash next to your lash line, work your way in. This not only makes the application so simple, but the fit is so comfortable and fits perfectly in your eye. Try it and thank us later!

3. Have flawless foundation, always!

Basic tips

First of all, you need to make sure your foundation works for your skin tone. Do you have red, yellow, blue or pink undertones? Make sure you know your and find a foundation that matches. Similarly, try to match your skin tone – it's nothing worse than your face looks like it matches the body of others. That means you may need to mix two shades; Having two shades also means that you can mix them to match your skin as the seasons change – you will likely be fairer during the winter months.

Now you have the shadow right, the application is everything – we already know you know that step one is to try your skin before the foundation!

Step 1. Use your fingers to apply the foundation to the four main points of your face: your cheeks, forehead and chin.

Step 2. Mix it with a dotted brush or flat foundation brush with dotted motions. By applying the foundation with the fingers first it means that the brush does not become heavy with foundation and is less likely to look cake or streaky.

Step 3. Then apply the concealer in areas that need extra coverage, and under your eyes to shine and lift the area. Mix everything again with a moist makeup makeup. Our favor is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, $ 6.

Using a basic brush first means that you get the best possible coverage from your staple, while ending with a damp sponge so that it becomes fully airborne.

Tip: Once you have washed / wet the blender, dial it out and then gently paste it into a towel. This means that the fungus is not too wet and does not lift too much soil.

4. Give yourself a lip job!

If you've ever discussed having lip fillers but never wanted to commit or always wondered how to look with bigger lips, then you can do it in a few minutes. The technique of lining your lips also helps define your lips and make your lipstick longer, so even if you don't want to exaggerate your lips, this technique is good to know! Here's how we line, overline and outline our lips for a voluptuous, plump pout:

5. Make your makeup last all day

We talk about baking, and we do not mean a cake, we mean that you set your face with powder so that it looks like a fat-free, flawless and neighborless for the rest of the day. The process involves applying a thick layer of setting powder to areas that can increase or need lightening, such as under the eyes and smiling lines (you can even bake your chin and T-zone). After leaving it on your skin for 2-10 minutes, it will not only put your makeup in place, it will also help smooth out your skin and prevent any possible contamination of eyeliner. It is perfect for big events or nights when you need your makeup to be perfect for a long time.

How to bake:

Step 1: Begin by applying your foundation or concealer – to bake, the powder needs some form of liquid formula to grip.

Step 2: When your bottom is down and completely mixed, dip a damp makeup or dense brush into a finely ground loose setting powder (we love Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Powder) and apply a thick layer of setting powder (with a dabbing motion) to the areas of your face. do you want to shine and set.

Step 3: Once you have allowed it to stand for two to ten minutes (whatever you have time for), you can simply dust off any excess powder with a fluffy brush.

Tip: We recommend that the powder sit for up to 10 minutes if you know you need your makeup to be from dawn to dusk, or just three to five minutes for an easier baking.

Let us know if you liked these makeup tips and if you should try any of them, in the comments below.