The ability is big, it is still a good man who loves his wife and madness, and he cherishes it.

A good man with a strong and powerful wife.

A person’s nose is generally where the financial palace is. The upper eyelid of a person is actually where the Tianzhai Palace is located. So in general, a man with a high nose and a wide upper eyelid is better for his wealth and family business. Such a man, when he is at home, generally shows his wife very physically and mentally. Loved.

A person’s mouth is a place where gas is suffocating. The so-called mouth is full of people, so people with large mouths are generally wealthy. And if you add a big eye, it means that your mind is delicate. In a couple’s life, it is easy to guess the wife’s mind, and then he will do everything he can to give the wife what she wants.

A man’s eyes are rising, but it seems to make people feel less friendly. And if a man’s eyebrows are thick, it means that he is a person with a strong feeling. Therefore, the man with thick eyebrows and his eyes raised, he himself has a sense of hegemony for his wife, but at the same time, he is also a favorite of the real version of the overbearing president

2: Face: What kind of woman is the most prosperous?

Four, there is a flaw in the end of the eye: family happiness

The tail of the two eyes represents the “couple palace”, such as the goodness of the female eye, the relationship between husband and wife, Family happiness. The so-called family and everything, life must be very good.

Five, there is happiness in the middle of the eyebrow:

As the name suggests, most people with this sorrow are blessings.

Six, there is a flaw on the right eyebrow

There is a mole above the right eyebrow, which is good, not rich, expensive, more helpful for a lifetime, no food and clothing

This is a big deal, still a pet The good man of his wife and madman faces and cherishes it

3: What kind of face is better? Gathering money?

“The nose has flesh and nose spread, the front and no nostrils, the eyebrows gather and not scattered, the chin has a thick pocket, the chin is round and full, and the eyes are full of looks.”

I am a big man, still a wife The good man of the devil faces and cherishes it