The Aldi Wine Advent Calendar is back

Wine lovers, it's time to pick up a glass for some really exciting news before the festive season.

The low-price chain Aldi has announced that it is the best-selling wine calendar back in the stores and offers wine connoisseurs the opportunity to window 24 variants of red, white and rosé wines at the bargain price of £ 49.99.

Among the miniature bottles offered are the customers' favorites, including The Exquisite Collection Touraine Sauvignon, and the award-winning Fleurs de Prairie Côtes de Provence Rosé.

In the stores, the calendar gives the classic countdown to Christmas a wrinkled twist and is sure to make family and friends really happy before December 25th.

Over at Instagram customers who have already raised the product, they could not wait to share their snaps and reactions, with many impatient to get stuck in the collection.

Although there was similar tension on Aldi Britain's official Twitter account, a tweet with the calendar redirected almost 300 times and received many comments.

You wrote: "24 days of wine. Can not think of a better way to get into Christmas."

While another added: "Wine Advent is a must !!!"

The full list of wines included is as follows:


Calvet Limited Release Merlot x 2

Calvet Reserve Merlot Cabernet x 2

Chenet Cabernet Syrah x 2

With Red x 2

French Pinot Noir Rousselet x 2


Chenet Col Sauv Original x 2

Brut Dargent Burt Chardonnay x 2

Calvet Limited Release Sauvignon x 2

Delicious Touraine Sauvignon x 2

Chenet Colombard Chardonnay x 2


Fleurs de Prairie Côtes de Provence x 2

Chenet Sparkling ICE x 2

Last year's version of the advent calendar fled off the shelves before you could say "someone for a glass" and as the company's website so briefly puts it "when they're gone, they're gone!". We know exactly where we're coming, arrived at 17:00.