The beauty Dos and Don`t need to know for the holidays

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Winter is here and it's time to whip out red lipstick, tie up your knees and sip hot cocoa off the bucket. Although we absolutely love cozy nights and warm up, our skin and hair are secretly secret. From dryness to eruptions, there are a lot of "meh" moments that come with the festive season. But we do not allow these moments to keep us back from our favorite time of the year, are we? We have compiled a list of the best "doses" and absolute "do-nots" to keep you feeling warm in the cold.

Skin Care Dos:

Rinse on moisturizer

Staying in? Hydrate. Exit? Hydrate. Is on the windshield? Moisten! The cold dry air is very unknown to the natural oils in our skin, so when you have an extra moment, take a wife Doubtfire and go to town with moisturizer. This means that you should be moisturizing every morning and night on clean skin. Look for a moisturizer that has hydration ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides and plasticizers. For more deets about finding the perfect moisturizer, read our ultimate humidifier guide here. Remember to moisturize your body, seriously, fix it everywhere.

Avoid sugar

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This can be easier said than done at this time of year when everyone bakes goodies and you spend about 80% of your time and donate the meat in the kitchen. However, excessive sugar intake leads to some rather nasty things due to a process called glycation. Glycation is where digested sugar is locked on the collagen in your skin and eats substantially on it. So, where you can this season, maybe you just hold a serving pumpkin pie?

Have a cold shower – or a cold rinse at least

Cold showers in the winter can make you think "hell no!" But it's actually really good for both your skin and your hair. Hot water tends to dry our hair and skin while cold water tightens your follicles and pores. In addition, it's great for your circulation, which is a common problem in the cooler months. Can not handle an entire cold shower? Finish a hot cold rinse.

Change your beauty routine for the weather!

What worked for you in the summer may not work in the winter, but you've probably thought about it when you put your fur pants in storage. So, maybe you have to put the products that made you radiant in the heat on one side and find a routine that works for the winter. The lightweight moisturizer you used in the summer needs to be replaced for a bit thicker, and your detergent may need to be a bit milder. Check out how we changed our winter routine here.

Invest in a humidifier

Even if the weather outside is scary, it does not mean that the weather inside must be. Be your own weather girl and add some moisture to your home. Humidifiers replace moisture that can cause dirt, dryness and even flaking. Keep your humidifier on while you sleep when your skin is in its regenerative state, and you will wake up hydrated and soft. It's basically like having a facial while you sleep!

Hit the gym

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Aside from being able to get into a lot of grub without guilt, gymnastics help keep you happy. Many of us are emotionally affected during the winter months by a state called SAD (seasonal affective disease). This means that the dark, gloomy weather can make us feel depressed, hilarious and even worried. Going to the gym releases endorphins, which are happy hormones that kick negative chemicals to the edge. We like to schedule a training session with our gal pals – group training makes it so much fun, plus you get gossip when you're done!

Skincare Don & # 39; ts:

Do not jump over sunscreen

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We can not always see it, but it's always there – if the sun is out, you need to protect your skin. On special snowy days the sun can reflect the snow that can also cause quite nasty tan! Remember to always wear sunscreen and make sure your makeup products contain SPF; Your skin will thank you for it when you are older. Check out our fave sun protection here.

Do not panic over pimples

New Year's Eve with your partner, family reunions with the annoying cousin that is unnecessarily competitive, there is so much you want to look extra hot on. But you have woken up in the morning with a pimple … The cardinal rule is: Absolute. DO. NOT. PANIC. We tend to all go a little overboard and take all we can find to kill the beast, but overapplication can worsen the situation. Instead, stick to your normal routine and try a simple action like these to stop that sucker. Then remember: it's just a pimple – everyone has them, and actually nobody cares, but you! You're perfect just the way you are; remember that.

Do not lick your lips

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Licking your dry lips can provide temporary relief, but it only makes you worse in the long run. Our saliva contains digestive enzymes that break down the skin on your lips (ew) and make them feel dry and exposed to the elements. Get a new best of form in a legendary lip balm (like these) and if you have not face to face with a mountain of your grandmother's famous fill, do not lick your lips!

Did not overfill

Somewhere between a do and one does not lie exfoliating art. It is important to exfoliate during the winter months, because our skin tends to fling, but overexfoliation can cause damage. Use a brush or your usual exfoliant, gently remove dead skin without applying pressure. Exfoliating is also a great way to get the blood flowing when you feel your limbs have turned on ice!

Let us know your winter beauty hacks in the comments below.