The best baby technology for new dads

If you are the kind of guy who always needs the latest technology, it does not change when you become a dad. Children's technology tools are better than ever with everything from smart baby monitors to Bluetooth-controlled white noise makers.

Take your toto room into the future with these advanced tech gadgets every dad will be happy to own.

  1. Thermometer

The iProven thermometer is a must for parents with young children. You can choose between a boiler or ear reading, both showing a few seconds of reading. The IProven is FDA-approved and has a notification that will end if the child's temperature is also read. The digital screen makes it easy to read in bright or dark spaces, and it saves the last 20 measurements so you can see how your tote's temperature has changed over time.

  1. Swing

The Graco Ripper Range combination is the soothing swing you've been looking for. The Duet Oasis has two armchairs, a removable tilting device and ten swing settings that mimic some of your child's most calming things, such as a car ride, heartbeat, lullaby or pram trip. This swing has vibration technology that sets sound waves to mimic the preset moves and can move forward, back and side to side. In addition, it's nice looking fit in any home.

  1. Baby Monitor

Jump into the future with really advanced technology from Owlet. The Smart Sock gives the parents peace of mind while transmitting your child's heart rate and oxygen levels directly to your phone. The base station uses lights and sounds to let you know if preset levels are changed so you do not miss a notification. The comfortable socket uses pulse oximetry technology, so your baby's live reading is just a fingerprint. Connect your Smart Sock with the new Owlet Cam for the complete baby monitoring system.

  1. Bottle warmer

The Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine just the tool is a bottle that fills parenting needs. It has an antibacterial filter and heats water 10 times faster than a kettle. Plus, it uses a "hotshot" – and the first outbreak of hot water in the bottle – to kill any remaining bacteria in the formula. The quick and easy design helps you prepare a bottle of three in the morning in less than 60 seconds so that you and your lover can sleep again.

  1. White Noise Maker

Hatch Baby has developed the perfect white noise-nightlight combo. The device can be handled with the help of buttons or Bluetooth and allows you to customize the tools based on you and your child's needs. Select the night light color and use the function "Okay to wake up" when your child grows to the toddler's toddler. With the white noise function, you can choose between different sounds from static to natural sounds. And best of all, any feature can be set or changed remotely from your smartphone.

These baby technology tools help you to geek over your newborn. From data collection to health monitoring, you can use technology to learn about your child before they know how to communicate with you. It's the beauty of these techniques – you can approach your child and get peace of mind when you learn to parent your little one.