The best drug beauty products launch in 2018

Once upon a time, drug stores were the place to recipe and maybe take a body wash or mascara while you were there. No longer. The latest set of beauty products from the pharmacy can fulfill all the last of your beauty routine needs, making the pharmacy a real beauty shopping goal in itself. Sure, you can still get your body wash and mascara (and completely revised versions on it), but there are now more candies to play with: lip colors to satisfy all your wishes and moods, hard skin care creams of dermatologically approved ingredients, styling products for each hair type and texture. You can even make some K beauty favorites the next time you need to take a toilet paper. And as expected, everything rings with budget-friendly price tags. Translation: Continue and add all these amazing bargains to your shopping list without worrying about the buyer's regrets. Check out our 47 new favorites here.