The best new makeup launch will come in July 2019

Here at attract, we love makeup. Really like, really love makeup. Our beauty editors can talk floating liner, highlighter and base all damn day (and we often do). After all, it is our job and not one we take lightly. We are eagerly digging over every new launch, every emerging brand and always having an encyclopedia of dupes in our brains. While we are partial to our special faves, our heart spans with every exciting makeup release. Who knows, maybe there will be new primer that actually works for our smart skin type or an innovative mascara that really controls every box on our criteria. Plus, with the summer finally here, more skin shows more property for makeup. Great we get lots of fun, shimmering, colorful things to play with this month.

With each launch, it is always cool to see what innovations beauty brands are noticeable in order to improve on a formula or design. One can easily say that makeup is the only thing that is freed from "if it is not broken, do not fix it" mantra. It is the exciting part of the ever-expanding market: find new makeup taxes to further complete our artistic visions to become ourselves. Check out all the new make-up launches below, as well as last month's launches) that we are still obsessed with. And don't forget to check out the new skin care launch and all the latest hair care products and hot tools.