The child's first thanksgiving – Owlet Blog

Experiencing the holiday with a baby is so exciting. I sometimes feel that the holiday is even better as an adult sees it through the healthy eyes of my children and children. Here are some ideas to celebrate your child's first Thanksgiving.

Use these fleshy little hands and feet for crafts

A classic handprint turkey is a must for the child's first Thanksgiving. You should probably do this before to avoid an extra touch of Thanksgiving Day and show it on Thanksgiving. Just make sure the child is in a good mood when trying this craft. Check out Pinterest for other ideas for Thanksgiving crafts.

Do not have expectations

Children may be unpredictable, so it is best to assume that they will not cooperate perfectly and just go with it. Missed napkins, diapers, blurreds and alien anxiety are just a few things that can potentially track your plans, but do not sweat it. Focus on meeting your children's needs first. A baby who feels safe and comfortable is more likely to be happy, so do not let the pressure from meeting expectations bring you quality time with your baby and other special people with you on Thanksgiving.

Make them a Thanksgiving Dinner

The good thing about Thanksgiving food is that they are often in puréform! From carrots and sweet potatoes to turquoise medleys, the baby feed will probably have a full Thanksgiving meal for your baby! If your baby is old, they can have a part of the real deal, like diced turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes (mixed with breast milk or formula if milk is concerned) and baked apples.

Take a theme photo

There are some delightful thematic images you can make for Thanksgiving. Holds a banner saying "I'm grateful to you", with kids in the middle is adorable. Using pumpkins and leaves for a fall-themed photography with children as a subject, you will create an adorable memories that you can show every Thanksgiving.

Start new traditions

Start with new family traditions that you can enjoy and look back on every year. Even young children would love to watch Macy's Day Parade as the big colorful fleets and balloons travel slowly across the screen. Entering a new recipe as a Thanksgiving tradition, driving to look at the colorful leaves, or to fire in the fire for the first time are all nostalgic things that can make the baby's first thanksgiving, and every Thanksgiving after, special and memorable.

How do you celebrate your child's first thanksgiving?