The couple's viral wedding dress code asks guests to wear their own wedding dresses

Do not send your wedding dress to stores so far – you never know when you may need to carry it to someone else wedding. Believe it or not, so was the case of an unselfish bride, who actually encouraged her married female friends to sport their special dresses on their own big day. (Proof that your dress can get more than one day to use.)

The groom Jesse went to Imgur to share photos from their wedding day, genius dress code and everything. The title "Jesse and Audrey's unusual wedding!" The first picture shows 10 women in an assortment of dresses posing around the bride, Audrey. "We thought it was sad that most women would just wear their wedding dress once, so we urged all the women to come to our incredible wedding to wear their old wedding dresses again!" Jesse wrote with the post. "My wife is the one in front and in the middle – she designed her own dress and was inspired by Cinderella and Elsa."

Audrey shared the same photo on Reddit, where she further explained the guidelines for wedding wear. For unmarried women guests, "some women borrowed wedding dresses from their mothers or other family members." Or, if it wasn't an option, "we asked people to have black and white or a suit!" she added. As evidenced by Isa's photo album, newlyweds and their bridal party also drew their ceremony attire to dress as favorite figures later in the evening.

But don't worry – the bride was hardly overshadowed by her white dressed wedding members. As the Reddit photo shows, Audrey actually showed a princess-worthy long-sleeved, blue coat to distinguish herself from the pack. In fact, she kept the color of the dress a surprise to the great day, much to her friend's shaft. "They were all very worried about me," she wrote in the comments. "I knew I was blue but kept it a secret from everyone except my dressmaker and my hair and makeup artist. I had been to almost all their weddings and knew they were white."

At the end of the day, the couple had the best intentions for their rather unusual fashion requests. "Our friends spent such incredible money on their dresses and never wearing them again, and I would hear that they often say, how sad they were, they shouldn't wear it every year," Audrey wrote. This beats matching bridesmaid dresses, hands down.

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