The difference between firming water, toner and toner is not to be confused.

A lot of MM can’t figure out the difference between toner, toner and toner. The biggest misunderstanding is that toner is toner. And how to use it. Choosing the right lotion for your skin type is the key to everyday skin care.

Toner, Toner and Soft The difference between skin water and MM don't make it clear again

The main role of firming water is to shrink pores. It usually contains alcohol. It will have a cool and dry feeling after use. It can also effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent the growth of acne.

Tightening water:

1. Clean twice. So use a firming lotion and moisten it with a cotton pad. If the cleaning work you do with a cleansing product is not in place, you will see that there is a little dirt on the cotton pad that you wiped. Help you to fill the cleaning work that has not been done.

2, soften keratin, astringe pores, prepare for better absorption of face cream. My personal experience is that after using it for a while, after using the firming water and then applying the cream, the more the face cream is, the more convenient it is. Firming water can make our skin care products work better. It is very important that the firming water has a role in the skin care process.

3, regulate skin pH. Especially in the north, the water we use is more alkaline, and the high-quality firming water can adjust the pH of the water remaining on the skin after cleansing. Our skin is weakly acidic, and good firming water should also be weakly acidic.

The difference between toner, toner and toner MM don't know what to do

Toner is a kind of lotion, some contain trace amounts of alcohol, some are purely botanical. The role of toner is to clean again to restore the pH of the skin surface, and to regulate the cuticle, so that the skin is better absorbed, and prepare for the use of skin care products.

Toner is applied to the cleansing process of the skin and has the following effects:

1, Convergence, shrinking the open pores in time.

2, Deep cleansing, which further removes dirt from the pores with toner.

3, hydrating, toner can replenish certain moisture to prevent skin tension.

4, Soothing, relaxing ingredients are able to reduce the stimulation of sebaceous glands and prevent the vicious circle of oil secretion.

5, soften the keratin, promote the metabolism of old dead skin cells, make the pores smooth, and facilitate nutrient absorption.

Toner is PHvalue is close to7 A milder lotion. The product has the function of removing aging and keratin, which makes the skin soft (generally weakly alkaline). A moisturizing ingredient is added to make the skin moist and soft.

Toner, Toner and Soft The difference between skin water and MM don't make it clear.

The difference between toner, toner and toner:

Toner is a refreshing sensation that replenishes the skin’s moisture; firming water has the greatest effect on fine pores and also effectively balances oil secretion; softening Water is more moisturizing than the other two kinds of “water”, giving the skin a meticulous care.

The following suggestions are given: oily skin using firming lotion; healthy skin using toner; dry skin using toner; for mixed skin, T-part use tight Skin water, other parts can be used with toner and toner; sensitive skin can use sensitive water, repair water, and if you want to whitening, you can use whitening lotion.