The duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, shows this impressive skill

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, wowed fans during her and Prince Charles tour of West Africa, as she showed off one of her little known skills.

On Tuesday night, she and her husband spent the night at a national dinner hosted by the president in Ghana.

And when the formalities at dinner were out, the couple and their dignitaries decided it was time to have some fun and relaxation.

Then the group took everyone to the dance floor – and that was where Camilla impressed royal fans with her brilliant dance moves.

The Duchess of Cornwall

Clarence House presented a video of Prince Charles, Camilla and other statesmen in Ghanain on the balsal floor and followers could not believe how skilled Camilla was.

A fan wrote on the video, "Wow Duchess of Cornwall can dance !!!! Fantastic. They are so amazing couples." While another agreed, commented, "Duchess Camilla is quite a dancer!"

A third royal bellman also said, "You go, girl! Dude Camilla got a little soul in her." While a fourth wrote: "Wow the Duchess got some good moves 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️".

But fans of the royal duo did not forget about Prince Charles, also commenting on complimenting him with his dance moves as well.

One said, "I love this! Nice to see them have fun!" And another said, "Wow Camilla has rhythm and Charles is also good! Nice to see them enjoy!"

And a third wrote: "I love these two !!".

But it is no surprise that the Duchess of Cornwall is such a brilliant mover, as she is famous for being a big fan of perhaps the biggest dance program in Britain – Strictly Come Dancing.

In fact, Camilla was actually hosting a part of Strictly Christmas especially last year at Buckingham Palace, where she danced a storm with the show's former professional Brendan Cole.

The Duchess of Cornwall

Of the event, a Clarence House spokesman, The Express, told: "The Dukeess thoroughly enjoyed her dance with Brendan."

She also visited the set of the BBC show before, back 2011, where she met professional dancers and chatted to the judges of the program.