The Duke of Cambridge reveals the "important" thing she tells her children – because she breaks royal record

The Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, revealed the "important" thing she tells her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, at an event on Tuesday.

Mamma-of-Three was looking for a royal commitment with William, at the Basildon Sporting Center, where she met people who worked with Coach Core.

The apprenticeship program, which is part of the Royal Foundation, helps young people who are not in education, employment or education to build a career in sports training.

The couple was even involved in the activities, with Catherine playing one of her favorite sports – tennis.

During the engagement, the duchess was hugged by a royal fan, Janet Emery, and when Catherine hugged her back, she opened up on how important hugs are and how it is something she tells her little ones.

She said, "Hugs are very important. That's what I'm saying to my children."

The sweet moment saw Catherine in the footsteps of his sister-in-law, Meghan, who often hugs wishing for royal engagements.

While hugs are not exactly ruled out, royal protocol declares that when you meet the queen or any member of the royal family you should just bend off your neck and women should curtsy or go for a simple handshake if they offer it first.

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However, Catherine has gone against the rule before she met children who went for a hug.

The Duke's confession is proof of her relaxed and affectionate approach to parenting, as she has ever spoken of earlier.

Even in May, she acknowledged spending time with her children, like playing outside, is one of the ones she thrives most in life.

In an open letter to support Barns Hospice Week, the mother wrote: "Spending quality time together is such an important aspect of family life and for me it's a simple family member who likes to play together as I love."

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