The face of a woman that a man likes, the face of a popular lover

Men’s favorite woman’s face, the popular lover’s face

The world of feelings is ever-changing, but they don’t leave a theme, love each other, this love is love. There are many ways to generate feelings, some are long-lasting, some are love at first sight, and some are not called. In fact, the emotional situation between men and women, you may not have noticed, and the face of both sides is very Big relationship, this is fate. Some women will get the favor of most men. This is the fate. What do women look like when they like women?

1, a woman has a beautiful face.

A woman has a beautiful tip, that is, there is a hair protruding in the middle of the hairline. Such a woman is often sentimental and understanding. People, doing things more well-behaved and able to observe the color, so such a woman is born with the advantage that is liked by men, and one point is that the face of the woman said that there are beautiful women who are married after the mother, many women in ancient times have no beauty, often It is posted to the beauty of the people, in order to seek prosperity.

2, the woman with the duck egg face

In fact, the goose egg face is smooth at the shin bone, neither the awl face of the sacral bone straight down (there is no faith, selfishness). Also don’t have a huge eversion of the humerus (such a woman revenge, if you bear her, she will revenge for ten years), the shin is smooth but has a slight curvature, a beautiful arc, such a woman’s character is euphemistic, doing things Can attack and defend, not humble, it is easy to conquer men.

3, Liu Yemei’s woman

As the saying goes, the prostitute frowns, the husband married. The eyebrows represent the world of human emotions. Women with thick and thick eyebrows must be daring to blame and do things. The women with bleak eyebrows are objectively indifferent and inhuman; only the eyebrows are curved and the willows are bent. , the heart is more passionate, the work is deep, the character and the voice and smile, often make men unforgettable.

4. A woman with delicate skin and white skin

The skin color is the first sense of a woman, and the beauty of the oriental beauty is beautiful. The character of a woman with fair skin is mostly cold, and she is cautious and self-defense. Everything will be cautious, but such a woman will often capture the love of a man, so that men can not put it down and gather all kinds of love.

5, a woman with apricot kernel eye

The eyes are slightly slender, the eye position is flat and backward, and the middle part of the eye has a smooth arc. This is the apricot kernel eye, apricot kernel. The woman of the eye is born with the essence of attracting men, because this type of eye is a type of affection, and the work is not humble, and the love is clear, so it can be loved by men.

6. A woman with a nose and a spleen

A nose is a woman with a straight nose, or a slightly concave nose, not high convexity, no knot, nostrils Straight and round, the nose can protect the nostrils and be powerful. The god of the linen said that if the nose is overwhelmed, the fortune will be prosperous, and the mountain roots will be full (the mountain roots are smooth, not flat, no horizontal stripes), and the official is more than three. Such a nose is blessed, has a vision of doing things, will not easily change the knot, is loyal to his own man, so men will be loyal to protect such a woman.

7, a woman with even lip shape

The woman’s lips should be thin and even, and the lip line is clear and clear. If the woman’s lips are too thin, the feelings are indifferent and cold. A woman whose lips are too thick has too much demand for the person’s lower body, and the man cannot cope. The woman with thin and even lips is treated with courtesy and courtesy. She is considerate and considerate to men, without losing intimacy, not greed, not in love, calm and mindful. What are the reasons for men not to love?