The first unmanned supermarket of “My Box” came.


Everyone visits and experiences in the supermarket

This newsletter (Zunyi Daily, full media reporter Yu Hui, intern, Luo Lin There is no salesperson, shopping and payment are all done by the customer self-help, such an unmanned supermarket do you want to go? It has quietly come to us. Now, in the Huiyi District Huichuan Avenue Extension Line Yiyitong Smart City Experience Park, the first 24-hour unattended supermarket launched by local enterprises in our city has started trial operation and will officially open the door before the Spring Festival. By then, the public can experience a new shopping experience.

After learning that such a supermarket appeared, the reporter immediately went to understand the situation. The supermarket has an area of ​​200 square meters and is located on the first floor of the Yiyitong Building. Once you walk into the building, you can see it. Its full name is “My Box is 24 Hours Unattended Convenience Store”. There are a lot of cartoon patterns, very cute. The interior can be seen through the glass, and the shopping process is also introduced with a cartoon pattern. According to the prompt, the reporter used the WeChat to scan the QR code on the display screen next to the door, and the door opened. Into the store, the shelves are placed with all kinds of juices, snacks, sweets, daily necessities, etc. from home and abroad, and there are also local specialties in Zunyi, such as: Shifodong beef jerky, glutinous rice noodles, Miao girl mixed with dried and dried.

The reporter saw that each item was affixed with a QR code and a white label. The QR code was marked with the price and name of the product. In order to experience the complete shopping process, the reporter purchased several juices and went to the access control area. The display on the wall immediately showed the quantity, name, price and QR code of the scanned product, as well as the voice. After the broadcast, scan code, payment, the glass door automatically opened, and then walked out of the supermarket, the entire checkout process took only 10 seconds. During the interview, people continued to enter the supermarket shopping, and everyone was very interested in the supermarket. “I don’t have to go to a big city to experience an unmanned supermarket.” A shopper said she likes this way of shopping, simple, fast and comfortable.

“White labels and QR codes are the ‘ID cards’ of the products. The tags contain RFID chips and use the Internet of Things radio frequency technology.” The person in charge of the supermarket introduced, don’t underestimate the two-dimensional on the goods. The code can be directly paid by scanning with the mobile phone, and the product process can be traced back and traced by the merchant. The relevant contents include the date of production of the product, the product display, and the business license of the dealer. Take a mixed fruit and vegetable juice purchased by the reporter as an example. The shelf life of the fruit and vegetable juice is 9 months. It can be seen through the QR code and has been on sale for 145 days. For security issues, a high-definition surveillance system is installed in the store, and staff can know the store’s situation in real time. If someone tears off the label and QR code on the product, the door will not open if there is no payment.

It is understood that this unmanned supermarket was opened by Yiyitong Technology Network Co., Ltd., and in the recent trial operation stage, the official opening time is scheduled to be before the Spring Festival. “Our company is a native Zunyi enterprise, which mainly provides a complete solution for the new retail model.” Hu Hui, chairman of the company, told the reporter that there is no supermarket in the park. According to the recommendation of the management committee, this unmanned supermarket was specially opened. The needs of the park staff can also serve as a display area for high-tech industries. Recently, many people came to shop and experience. Among them, Shifodong beef jerky is the sales champion, and the second is an imported cola.

Hu Hui said that their unmanned supermarkets can also allow local agricultural products to go further. In the past few days, interested parties in Shaanxi, Gansu and other places have been calling to consult and want to join the supermarket. Once the supermarket has been opened to the field, it can be analyzed through data analysis to know the tastes that local people like and to supply them in a targeted manner. If it is in the scenic spot, it can also pack all kinds of special products of Zunyi into big gift packages through data analysis.

(Editor: Zhang Hui)