The foliage plant is fertilized like this, the oil of the leaves is bright green, and the basin is easy to burst!

Green radish can be said to be the star plant of the family. Every friend who loves flowers believes that there is more than one pot of green radish at home. Green radish can be said to be the “test piece” on our flower-growing road. There is a basin, the green ability to purify the air is very strong, and it is hung up and raised, the branches are naturally drooping and very elegant.

The foliage plant is fertilized, leaves Oily green hair, easy to burst!

Green radish is a very good green plant, it can grow very well without much management, but wants to It is necessary to pay a little more attention to the cultivation of green radish. If the green radish is not well-fed, it will be prone to yellow leaves and the leaves are scarce.

When the green leaves appear black, the feeling is that there is a lack of nutrition. The green radish loses its nutritional value. In fact, the rice wine and beer that are usually used in the home can fertilize the green radish. It can be sprayed on the leaves of green radish, or it can make the green radish leaves green and crisp.

The foliage plant is fertilized, leaves Oily green hair, easy to burst!

But today, we introduce to you that the method is not the two substances mentioned above, but the cake fat that we often say, green radish is Leafy plants, so nitrogen is essential for it, and beans are a very good source of nitrogen.

1. Bean fertilizer

The simpler method is to soak the soybeans for one night and cook them with water. At this time, the beans are soft and can be used directly. Insert a few holes along the edge of the potting soil, take three or four cooked beans, put them in the holes, and then cover them well. In time, be careful not to get too close to the roots of the plants. This kind of bean can slowly provide nutrients to the plants in the potting soil, which can make the green radish grow better.

The foliage plant is fertilized, leaves Oily green hair, easy to burst!

2. Bean fat water

The cooked beans are crushed into pieces and packed into In a clean plastic bottle, add 8 minutes of water to fill it, then you can put it in the sun to rot, add a few slices of orange peel to remove the odor, and conditionally add a little brown sugar, which can promote the process of decomposing.

It usually takes a month or two to completely decompose. At this time, the upper layer of the supernatant can be diluted with water to make it anxious, so that the green leaves can become bright and full of pots.

The foliage plant fertilizes, leaves Oily green hair oil, easy to burst pot!

Bean fertilizer water can not only be used to pour green radish, it is very good nitrogen fertilizer, so it is very suitable for all kinds of flowers, especially It is a foliage plant that can make the leaves very bright.