The interesting reason behind Catherine and Meghan's shorter hemlines

As two of the most famous women in the world, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex regularly have their outfit choices reviewed by the whole world.

And even in pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge has received intense attention about what she chooses to wear. So it's likely that Meghan will meet the same thing when pregnancy progresses.

However, according to one of Catherine's favorite maternity brands, she has an interesting tactic for the pregnancy type – and it is one that the founder of the brand expects Meghan to assume.

Cecile Reinaud, founder of Seraphine – as Katarina has worn countless times during her three pregnancies – told Instyle that the Duchess would always have shorter hemlines while they were waiting.

She also revealed that she expects Meghan to take inspiration from her sister-in-law and can do the same in the next few months. And there is a very interesting reason why the Duchess "chooses to do that …

Cecile said, "She is [Meghan] likely to have a rather big bump because she is quite a small building … so marking legs and arms is always a good trick to keep a nice silhouette. "

"Because her pregnancy will be a winter pregnancy, I think she's more likely to shorten her home line and even have what we've seen [Eugenie’s] royal wedding, this kind of dress dress "

Cecile continued and explained that it is a ploy that Catherine – who is also quite petite – is also used when he is pregnant.

She said, [Kate] did [go shorter] Certainly. She went shorter, on a couple of occasions far above her knee, which she never usually does "

"And especially in the winter, because when she carried opaque black tights, it looks ok. It does not look too much because it's not just legs, it's black opaque tights with a shorter dress."

In fact, we have already seen Meghan Markle debut a few shorter hemlines during her and Harry's royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga – suggesting that the Duchess may take a magazine out of Catherine's book of books.

Seraphine founder Cecile also shared his predictions that Meghan will be faithful to her signature, discreet and tailor-made style while he is pregnant, instead of choosing more pastel flower patterns, that her new sister-in-law seems to benefit.

She suggested: "I generally think people try to stay true to their maternity style during motherhood"

"So I think we will see the trends she showed us, which is very black and white, not much pressure, structured shape, close to the body, some androgyn sometimes with pants and costumes. I do not think she will suddenly turn and have wearing many pastels, which is more Kate's style. "

Since Meghan joined the royal scene, we have also seen her wearing many pants, some younger royal women in the past have tended to stay away from. However, according to Cecile Reinaud, pants can be a super-flattering alternative to Meghan's maternity wear, given her slim figure.

She explained, "She has very thin legs, you know, as we have seen with her blinking them on the royal tour, so I think pants really work well."

We can not wait to see how Meghan's style changes as she approaches her due date!