The International Gymnastics Federation prohibits heavy makeup for competitions

Gymnastics fans respond after the sports governing body responded to a cats-inspired floor routine by banning face color on the competition floor.

Back in August, Dutch gymnast Céline van Gerner performed a cats– this golferutine at the 2018 European Championships, competing with music from the original music while wearing thematic makeup and hair along with a leotard. And while these aspects of her performance were unique to the elite gymnastics, they did not make any punishment for her.

Many fans were enthusiastic about the routine, with one tweeting"It was an achievement! I honestly owe me some money for what I just saw. Where is the cash office!" Others did not agree with the look: "The makeup does not belong to this IMO" read a tweet.

Despite the positive feelings that social media expressed about Céline's routine, the International Gymnastics Federation recently made it clear that it was not on board.

On Monday, Céline complained about a screenshot shows that the federation during this month's 2018 World Gymnastics Championships in Doha, Qatar, made a change of rules for makeup. "Face Detection is Not Allowed", reads the screenshot. "Every makeup must be modest and not portray a theater performance." For her part, Céline seemed to take the news in conflict, tweeting: "I'm honored to be the first, last and only one in the story that went out to the stage in full character! Feel blessed."

Many fans were not proud of the change of policy, pointing out the consequences of the word "modest" when applied to someone's appearance and arguing that the federation's priorities should be elsewhere.

"Modest" is undefinable, says Jessica O & Beirne, hosting the Gymcastic gymnastics podcast. O & # 39; Beirne. She continued to call the statement "out of touch". Spencer, editor of the balance bar situation, also responded to the statement, tweeting"Sorry, I can not hear you from all the way here in 2018. You have to go closer."

Others saw the move as a double standard considering the trend of tattoos among male gymnasts. "We are polishing makeup now?" But FIG does not care about body tattoos on full-bodied men, "says Luba Baladzhaeva, editor of Gymnovosti gymnastics, tweeted. "Only women's bodies will be polished!"

The phrasing was not the only problem for many fans, with some remarks that the federation should place its focus on other things. Over the past two years, gymnastics has been in the news for all incorrect reasons, as former US gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar's abuse of hundreds of women and girls has come to light.

Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison, but US Gymnastics is still in turmoil, who recently announced controversies after being appointed interim manager and CEO Mary Bono, who left the position after only four controversial days.

"Policing how girls can apply makeup should definitely be top priority in this sport right now." Lauren Hopkins, editor of the gymnastics blog TheGymterNet, tweeted jokingly. "There is literally nothing else that's more important to deal with."

Despite the backlash of the continued social media, the federation has not yet commented on the response from fans.

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