The National Mum Duvet Day should be one thing. Here's why

Let's not pretend that a mother's daily life is anything but hard work. Twenty-four hours, seven days a week have changed my mind lately, and I'm exhausted.

Between caring for two lively boys, I rarely work and handle for myself a second. There is never enough time on the day to do things that need to be done, even less the things I would like to do.

This story is not my only one to tell. Throughout the country millions of mothers work nonstop in a constant activity, which almost always goes late and continuously dries either people or surfaces.

We do not even get sick in peace because it usually coincides with our child's badness, and if it does not, we must continue school, make dinner and make sure everyone else is OK.

That's why I've hit the brilliant idea of ​​"National Mum Duvet Day". It's a bit like a holiday, but we actually get to enjoy and be selfish just one day a year. One day we can relax in the pajamas, watch box sets, eat chocolate that we do not have to share and enjoy the sweet feeling of doing absolutely nothing.

I thought of campaigns for a "National Mum Weekend Away Somewhere Sunny" but unfortunately I predicted it would be unsuccessful.

I have ten reasons why mom deserves a duvet day ready to meet the parliament – let me know if there is anything to add!

1. We are about 1 043 sleepless nights – and that is if we are lucky enough that our children are sleeping through toddlerhood!

2. We rarely see what we want to look at or read what we want to read. We need an opportunity to enjoy something other than Fireman Sam on television and the Rabbit Nap in print.

3. Christmas and birthdays – The occasions we should relax are often the most bursting time of the year for us. And on one of them take any bearded stranger in red all credit!

4. We are constantly "on" – even in performance mode at home when we have to pretend to search for experts, see below …

Hmmm, where could he be?

5. We deal mostly with one hand with the big family laundry crisis every week. What would they do without washing, drying and wiping off cows? Hmm?

6. We clean sick, wee and poo from places we could not have imagined before. Just like the car, our coat, the bed, our hair …

7. We carry the bulk of the mental burden, from sorting GP meetings to form filling to making plans for meal planning and shopping. So much to remember. And they are considering the cause of the child's brain!

8. We mostly fail to collapse on the floor in a high and cry every time another thoughtful meal is ruthlessly rejected.

9. We are subjected to regular humiliation through horrible tantrums on the street and our children scream out scary things like "why is there hair on your gender, mom?".

10. We may sometimes disturb, but we do everything we can for our children and willingly. We are milk making, nightmare fixers, crunchers, owchy soothing constants – today today. We are overworked, underpaid and of course – incredibly happy.

… A free day would just be real, really nice.

Are you behind the National Mum Duvet Day campaign? Leave a comment below.