The new favorite of lip products! The Korean girl’s cosmetic bag is the “them” of the explosion!

Lip Newcomer Driving! It’s the “them” of the explosion!” inline=

In recent years, lipstick, lip glaze, lip gloss, etc. are really too many choices. I don’t know which one to start with. ! Everyone has been launching, dazzling to not! To get started with a lipstick, the first weight is that his moisturizing degree must be enough, otherwise it will stay on your lips for a long time, it will only make you feel super uncomfortable! There is also a color that must be adjusted to be particularly good enough, and the color rendering effect is good, so that you will always buy it again! Before the popular YSL #407 sold out of stock, I thought that the positive Korean girl would give up looking for lipstick, just wait for it to replenish? Today, we will uncover the most popular lipsticks of Korean girls in the near future, and see what their new favorites are!

NO.1 MAKE UP FOREVER Art Master Air Cushion Velvet Lip Glaze

Lip new favorite to drive! The Korean girl cosmetic bag is the

This has been the girly show since last year After the self-portrait with this lip glaze on the IG, it has been sold to a completely out of stock! The advantages include fast, saturated, high hiding power, no lip lines, etc., so that it will spread the effect in Korea as soon as it is exposed! And the bright red color #400 used by singer Jessie J has just been listed in South Korea and has been sold out of stock in the country. Among them, #501, #400, and #201 are hot on the shelf, as long as a replenishment is once again robbed, it is crazy! Until now, many girls are loving it, and they have to swear to collect all the ten colors before they stop!

Lip new favorite!! It's the

This is really no color is a thunder, single rub, stack rub or even make a two-color lip is great! No loss is the master’s lip glaze, it is OK to let everyone slam the money out! And still from the beginning of the year to the present!


Lip new favorite to drive! The Korean girl cosmetic bag is the

The ceramic-like, matte-faced shell, like a paradise The banner-like shell design, I want to exclaim when I see it: super likable! ! ! This is the lip balm launched by Korean national super-price brand BOTANIC FARM. Inheriting the excellent texture and high moisture content of the lipstick before, this new product just launched a few days ago, it caused a sensation, IG sunning lipstick Photo mad version, both inside and outside is incredible! Some Korean girls say that this kind of moisturizing vegetable oil can make it easy to be colored because of the dry, peeling and not able to get on the lips of the lipstick! Plus it can be evenly colored, and it won’t be bothering people because of repeated application.

Lip new favorite drive! It's the

There are three colors, purple, pink and orange. Purple and pink are more vivid, orange is very suitable for school or do not want to let people know that they have upper lip color! (Be careful) And the two-color design, the thin layer is very similar to lip balm, after rubbing, like a lipstick, the purity is amazing! Petal lips can be easily created! Every day is very good!

NO.3 YSL Luxury Satin Mirror Lip Gloss #47,#49

Lip new darlings! The tyrants of Korean girls' cosmetic bags are the

has always been the favorite YSL lip glaze in Han Niu’s heart. Since last year, as long as there is #407 color lipstick, lip glaze, lipstick, it has never been seen on the shelf, because the lack of goods is lacking, unless the order is used It is possible to get it! This year, Han Niu has not changed her mind. She still loves YSL with the same enthusiasm, but this time she changed her love #47 Carmin Tag and #49 Fuchsia Filtre, #47 is a brighter pink with a touch of orange, but the color is beautiful. Girls can use! Very powerful! #49 Although it is also pink, but mixed with raspberry red, there is a mature charm, very charming! The two colors are smooth and moisturizing. It is a lip glaze that girls have to buy!

Lip new darling drive! tyrant Korean girl cosmetic bag It's the

This color is extremely high, and it has a great color rendering as long as it is lightly rubbed. The effect of the lips is a lip that Han Niu will bring with them in time!

These models have been madly washed on the IG until now, and I am going to the neighboring department store to ask if there is any color for you! ! ! !