The royal family shared a special family photo for Prince Charles 70th Anniversary – Royal Family Photo

Royal family

Getty ImagesMax Mumby / Indigo

Now that the world finally knows what darling Prince Louis looks like, Prince Charles decided to celebrate his 70th birthday by releasing two brand spankin new pictures of the entire royal family queen, because she was busy picking a slug from her salad .

Sincere photo leaked earlier today without family membership, but that plus this cheesy is officially official now, and it's time for you to go, "Awww!" at kiddo's small faces.

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Also absent from the picture were basically all who are not in the top eight for the royal order. How Myspace of Prince Charles!

The eldest son of the Queen also shared a picture of him who holds Prince George at his 2013 baptismal ceremony, which can be seen on the Google Arts & Culture website.

Apart from the pictures, Prince Charles gave the public a look at his creepy digs at Clarence House in London, which is also where Kate and William took a break after their big 2011 wedding ceremony.

Thanks to Google, you can see how much art and fine sofas fill Prince Charles's home. Do yourself a favor and waste 10-15 minutes of your time and marvel at his secret decadence. Wow, with all these gifts one would think it's our birthday and not the heir. HBD, boy!