These are the best coverage funds

These are the best coverage funds

If there is a product, we will never stop looking, that is The perfect basis for full coverage. Even on our good skin days, who doesn't love the porous blurry, skin-enhancing benefits of a comprehensive foundation? If you are something like us to cake faces on Huda Beauty, a good basis for full coverage is everything! It does most of it, so you don't have to worry about one thing all day.

So we have rounded off our foundations that are actually full coverage – aka, they hide signs of redness, hide our pimples and pigmentation and help banish dark circles when we have lived our best lives. These seven bombas are also durable, weightless and full of good ingredients. Here are our proven, fave full coverage foundations right now.

End: Natural, dew finish
Shades: 53, from fair to rich
deets: 30 ml, non-acne-genetic, dermatology-testedthe best full coverage foundations

The formula: One of the best-selling founders of all time, this iconic, highly fluid formula is super full coverage and durable. It works beautifully on all skin types – from dry to greasy – and it is a great, annoying basis for acne and oily skin, as it is oil and fragrance-free and has been certified as non-acnegenic. The wide range of shades and variety of undertones means that there is a match for each skin tone. We also love it regardless of humidity or weather, it stays all day!
Tip: Set with a loose setting powder.

End: Natural satin finish
Shades: 30, from fair to rich
deets: 35 mlthe best full coverage foundations

The formula: This thick, creamy formula is like magic in a bottle – it's literally a real-time filter for your face. It adds an instant color veil to hide defects, while masking the texture. The formula is so rich, you only need one pump for the whole face, and it has a beautiful luminosity to it, so it looks like a real skin.
tip: Start with a hydrating or matte primer, depending on your skin type, and apply with a loose powder.

End: Very matt
Shades: 60, from very fair to very rich
deets: 30mlmorphe full coverage foundation

The formula: This extreme coverage foundation melts as a dream and covers ERRRRYTHING in place. Plus, the shadow is incredible, so you will be able to find a true match no matter what shadow or undertone. Our only small problem with this reason is that it does not last as long as some of the others – but the coverage is just so good. We like to mix this with one of our other foundations, which helps improve wear and tear and give crazy coverage – even diluted, this covers as a boss.
tip: Begin with a pore leveling primer, we love Tarte Base Tape Primer. This makes for a matte transfer-free finish, but if you have oily skin we recommend setting up with a powder.

End: Natural finish
Shades: 34, from fair to rich
deets: 30 ml, non-comedogenicThese are the best coverage funds

The formula: This liquid formula mixes like a dream and covers easily and easily pain. It wears beautiful all day and does not go spotted or broken up. This is what we call a foolproof ground!
tip: Start with a hydrating or matte primer, depending on your skin type, and apply with a loose powder. You can apply a thin, extra layer to areas that may need more coverage.

End: Satin finish
Shades: 16, from right to deep
deets: 30 ml, SPF 20These are the best coverage funds

The formula: This is listed as a medium-coverage fund, but we are actually super impressed by the skin-transformed finish. It is light, breathable and increases your glow and your skin, making it a strong favor in our book. It lasts all day without breaking up or putting on fine lines and making imperfections more difficult. It is also really long lasting, no matter what skin type you have.
tip: For extra coverage, use a dense flat base brush to dot the foundation of your skin, then use a moist makeup sponge to mix. Put it with powder to keep it locked.

End: Natural matt finish
Shades: 15, from right to depth
deets: 30 ml, SPF 30 – PA ++Finish: Natural glow Shades: 16, from right to deep Decals: 30ml, SPF 20

The formula: This bright base uses hollow silica beads to capture and diffuse light to create a corrective "halofekt" while the color filter pigments neutralize color imbalances. The creamy formula melts easily (with a brush, sponge or hands), and provides a beautiful natural finish that does not facilitate the pores while it is extra long-lasting. It's an incredible formula; We only wish it had a better offer for deeper skin tones.
tip: Apply a moist primer and apply with a loose powder.

End: Radiant matt
Shades: 33, from fair to rich
deets: 30 ml, non-comedogenic, dermatology testednose full cover base

The formula: This foundation has a unique skin-matching technique, which means it will actually fit more than 33 unique skin tones. This really provides full coverage, and it blends nicely with both a brush and a sponge. The formula is not set on powder or transfer-free finish, so we recommend setting up with a loose powder.
tip: If you have oily skin, use a matte primer and be sure to add a loose powder.

Application coverage for full coverage:

Start by applying foundation with a flat brush, such as Huda Beauty Buff & Blend Brush, $ 25, in a stippling motion (soft patting exercise). Then rub your hands to warm them up and gently paste the product into your skin – this will remove any excess product, but it will also help make up the skin. You can use your hands to apply it if you want, but it can get a little messy.

So you make your laws:

First of all, start with a full coverage fund, which means you are less likely to need to store your land. If you still need extra coverage, focus only on these areas, instead of applying a second layer to the entire face, which may stop seeing the cake. For a second layer, we recommend that the dot is placed on top with a flat, dense brush. Then apply a moist beauty mixer and gently bounce it over the face to ensure that any excess product is absorbed or completely blended.

Our Fave Foundation Tools:

the best foundations brushes

Huda Beauty Buff & Blend Brush, $ 30, StylPro S102 Foundation Brush, $ 10 (also includes a powder brush), Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, $ 6.

Let us know if you have attempted any of these basics in the comments below, and what is your favorite.