This Celeb Eyeshadow Hack will give you the best Insta images

When it comes to our eye shadow play, it's so easy to stuck in the same routine of bass, shadow and shimmer … Sound knows? But this famous-approved hack is so quick and easy and it will immediately update your beauty appearance with a pop color and a small border. It is literally just that; a color stick in the eye and then a relatively simple, sometimes even just eye.

How to look:

Although the appearance is relatively easy to achieve, there are some important things to help you nail the look:

Eye shadow: Choose a bright eye shadow that is superpigmented, so it really stands out. Prepare the lid first with a meat-colored concealer or eye shadow primer to make the colorful shade as vibrant as possible. Keep the rest of the lid naked or choose a simple eye shadow in complementary tone. The vibrant nuances of our Electric Obsessions Palette, $ 27, are perfect and yellow is so trendy right now.

technology: Make sure you pack the eyeshadow with a dense brush and then gently press the shade in the eye hair. This will help to create a more intense pigment delivery. Also, do not forget the lower lash line as this will give the look together. To add a little drama, finish with the winged lining (find out what kind of wing flatter your eye shape, here) and add some killer lashes. For a softer surface, remove the eyeshadow towards the center of the lid, like Gigi below.

Here are some recordings on how to work with this eye shadow trend:

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