This Hyped About Sömmask is really worth it – New obsession!

glow recipe avocado melted sleeping mask

Two things we have an unhealthy obsession with: K beauty and avocado – fortunately, both of them are good for you! So imagine when our fave K beauty brand Glow Recipe decided to combine the two to create a super dreamy beauty product. We present the Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, $ 45 – our perception of yummy skin care. Given their first collection of watermelon-based skin care, a Sephora sell and still turns out to be one of the most beautiful beauty products on our shelves, we had great hopes for this green little pot of goodness!

If you are wondering what a sleep mask is, think of it as a night cream on steroids. It is very moisturizing and you can use it instead of your nightly moisturizer two or three times a week to give your skin a little extra love, with no extra effort.

What it is: A deep nourishing sleeping mask made of four types of avocado (74%!), Kaolin clay to balance skin, magic, antibacterial manual honey to hydrate and defend, and careful exfoliating PHAs. It is also free from parabens, SLS, synthetic ingredients and mineral oils.

What it does: Hydrates and approaches dry, dry skin overnight! Avocado is rich in oil and linoleic acid for intensive nutrition, while PHAs carefully buffets dead skin cells for a more brilliant skin color in the morning.

What we liked: The question is, what did we not think about? It smells divine, it feels like butter is going on and it works like a dream in the skin. Even though this is formulated with dry and sensitive skin in mind, it also works for common and oily complexes without your skin feeling fat – in fact, in the morning there were no fat traces of the mask, only smooth skin.

We also love this as a quick 10-minute mask for when your skin needs a drink but you also have drinks to come to! Just lubricate a thick layer of cream on the face (we love the small spatula doubled as an application tool) and rinse 10 minutes later with warm water for superhydrated skin, softer than a child's bum. If you are using a retinol, we love to use this on alternating nights to stop our skin flaking.

What we did not like: The packaging is so sweet that we do not want to throw the box away, so it just clicks it up on the shelf.

The verdict: If the winter is playing more devastation with your skin than fake makeup, then it would definitely go to your skin. Night is when your skin loses the most moisture, so if your skin is dry, spend a night sleeping mask doing miracles on the look of your skin. Marilyn had Chanel number 5 to bed, but we'd better wear this!

Buy the Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask Glow Recipe here.