This woman used toothpaste like a DIY hair removal and I'm shaken

It seems like it's a new day, there's a new DIY hack like Instagram, whether it gives you a temporary nose job, creating super-cheap cosmetics at home or, like a beauty vlogger recently tried, grows with a dollop of toothpaste. Yup, that's apparently one thing!

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Madina Shrienzada, a beauty vlogger who specializes in testing (and usually does not create) crazy DIY hacks, put up a video of the week by herself to remove her hair on her forearm with nothing but toothpaste and turmeric. She just mixed the two ingredients into a bowl, hit the crush over her arm, massage it for a while until it dried and rubbed it off and removed visible lumps of her when she dried.

Yes, I'm as shocked as you are. "This is such a small console that uses Crest Toothpaste and Turmeric Powder," writes Shrienzada, adding that turmeric is a "sedative" for the skin (true, it's an anti-inflammatory) while toothpaste is "the main agent for hair removal -mostly).

"Toothpaste is skin irritant – it's meant for your teeth, not for your skin or hair," says dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, dermatologist at Yale University. But how about the video ?! you cry. How did she do that? Well, we do not say to rub a dry layer of toothpaste back and forth over your arm until it essentially shakes your hair out of your follicle habit work, because it probably comes to an extent, but it does not make it the best choice for hair removal.

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"It can make a good paste, like how sugaring is a good paste for removing hair, but it can also be annoying and not so effective," says Dr. Gohara. In addition, turmeric may occasionally stain your skin yellow (trust me have happened to DIY face masks), be careful if you try to get home at home.

But, real talk, if you already go through hassle and pain to tear out your hair, why not use a product that has proven to work well? (My favorites: Nads Natural Hair Removal Strips, or Nair Cocoa Butter Hair Remover Lotion). Anyway, whatever you want to do in your body is your choice, so if you try this DIY hair remover, you promise me to wash it if your skin starts to burn or feel annoyed, okay? K.