Tips for successful vacation trip

The holiday season is over us, and it is also holiday trips. When traveling with the child / children it may seem a little scary and stressful, it does not have to be. Below are some tips for a successful vacation trip to make your life easier.

If you drive …
  • Before leaving, make sure all your children have suitable car seats and that they have been installed properly.
  • Pack the car the night before. This way you can eliminate unnecessary delays on your departure day.
  • Make sure you pack a bag of bags (filled with snacks, extra diapers / wipes, binkies, etc.) that are easily accessible.
  • If you have younger children who are potty, consider taking a portable pot.
  • Planning your travel time takes longer than you plan, and count it on your schedule. When possible try to avoid peak trips.
  • Create a fun playlist of child-friendly songs and stories to help ease the path of sadness. And do not be afraid of a little screen time if needed.
If you fly …
  • Prepare for a flight delay. Make sure you have a bag of food, extra clothes, diapers and tablecloths to be at least 48 hours.
  • Fly directly if you can, as a direct flight you can minimize downtime and stress coming from a layover or delayed flight.
  • Be strategic about where you are sitting. If there is a row with a little more legroom or a section where you can better accommodate your children, book it.
  • To avoid ear pain, make sure you have a nap or plan to breastfeed during start and landing and / or pack a snack for your child to eat during this time.
  • Bring a stroller and / or stroller, but leave the car seat at home. Car seats can be difficult to transport, and you can always hire one with your rental car if needed.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself. Even though the journey does not go as smoothly as you plan, you create memories that will be a lifetime.

What are some of your best holidaymakers?