Top 10 Craziest Beauty Trends

If you are like me, you have a love / hate relationship with the internet.

On the one hand, the World Wide Web allows us to connect to others, find information quickly and complete a host of activities from our home.

And let's be honest, the internet is how you stumbled on my side, which I'm very grateful for!

On the other hand, we are so caught in what is on our screens that we forget what's happening in our lives.

It may be good to relax and make a small social media detox from time to time.

On the plus side, we can learn how to take care of our skin, where to find quality products and more.

On the downside, there have been a lot of beauty trends "made for social media" because they are more about catching your attention than making you look or feel good (not to mention you're well).

Here I count down the 10 sharpest beauty trends I have seen recently.

Not only do you get a good laugh (I did when you joined these pictures), but I'll also explain to you why these trends are not worth the time, effort and possible damage they will lead to your hair, skin, or nails.

Are you ready? Stick to your hairbrushes because we are looking for a wild ride!

10. Halo Brows

Dam, I'm sure you're all angels, but you do not have to show it with a "halo" eyebrow look.

We have all spent years (nine decades!) Trying to find the perfect pan shape for our faces.

Just when we finally moved away from the teens overpowering the browsers and into a period where we accept more of our natural pan shape and thickness, this will throw us all for a loop.

Personally, I do not understand the point for this look or how it happened.

Credit: @hannahdoesmakeuppp Instagram

It seems that this look was created by an Instagram user (@hannahdoesmakeupp to be exact) to pay attention to her page.

She claims that one of her supporters requested this look, although we are not sure why.

Anyway, I do not recommend you try here at home!

Instead, you might want to check out some of 16-year-old Hannah's other much more weary and flattering makeup.

9. Glitter roots

When my children play with glitter at school, I know immediately.

How do you ask?

Because I start to find glitter in my shoes, in my purse and throughout my home!

If you have children too, you're likely to run far away from this look because you know the potential of a big mess.

If you do not have children or have not experienced a glitter pocalypse before, then there's a clue: you do not want to!

If the root does not deter you, what happens if I said that the glitter was totally horrible to the environment?

Glitter is made of teeny particles of shiny plastic called microplastic.

Microplastic does not dissolve or break down, and when it comes into our oceans (as it inevitably does), it causes trouble.

Do these issues affect you?

Yes, you betcha!

Fish can insert the glitter and send the toxins into their bodies on humans if they are eaten.

Researchers still do not know what makes plastic in our bodies, but I would rather not find out!

8. Brush your hair 100 times a day

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

I'm not the only one that instantly associates excessive brushing of the hair with Marsha Brady, right?

Who can forget her combing her golden blonde lock and counting to 100?

Thank you, you do not have to waste any of your precious times brushing your hair for 100+ punches.

The fact is that for most of us brushes our hair even less is better!

Brushing may be important to distribute our scalp natural oils throughout our hair, which in turn makes our hair shiny and healthy.

It can also be useful to avoid tangles.

At the same time (and especially for those of us with finer hair who are prone to getting more crimes) excessive brushing can lead to crimes, split ends and a harder texture.

Not to mention, sometimes brushes just lead to more frizz!

"100 strokes per day" thing is an unnecessary old wife's story.

I like to brush my hair once in the morning, and once before I wash it.

I then use a comb after a shower.

This keeps my hair troll free, fresh and full – plus I do not waste any time counting brush strokes!

7. Burn your closed ends with a light

Split ends are always a problem for anyone trying to grow hair – or simply trying to keep hair healthy.

But our desire for clean, straight ends should not lead us to extreme action.

When Victorias secret model Alessandra Ambrosio wrote a photo of her that made her burn her hair with a light, the beauty world was surprised.

Visas, the Brazilian hair treatment is called "velaterapia" (translation: light cut).

In essence, your hair is twisted and a light runs along the length of the hair to eliminate the split ends that protrude from the twist.

I understand that getting a trim can be scary (the stylists always seem to remove more hair than you want, right?), But it's very scary to put flame on your man!

Even if you are not one to shy away from an extreme beauty practice, here's a tip: heat damage hair.

In the same way as you try to avoid flat iron, avoid open fire.

To burn off your divided ends will actually only lead to more hair damage by opening the hair follicle in a non-healthy way.

This will weaken the hair follicle and dull what color you may have.

Not to mention, the smell of burned hair is not something I would like to wear on anyone.

I know getting a trim can be worrying, but I promise it's cheaper, faster and safer for you (and your hair).

6. Tattooed freckles

We all know someone who has got a tattoo that they now regret, but be sure to get a tattoo on your face!

That's exactly what some women do.

But they do not get a "I <3 mom"Tattoo, they get cheek tattoos.

They get their freckle tats done in the same way as the road microblading is ready – with semi-solid ink.

The results generally last for up to three years.

If you have natural freckles (the technical term for them is Ephelides), I bet you roll your eyes right now, right?

So many of my friends with freckles ran up and covered their natural beauty markings with heavy concealer for several years before they finally embraced them.

In fact, they are a little upset that something they struggled with for many years is now considered "trendy"

But apart from the fact that frills like a trend seem to come and go as fast as one silly hug diet, Tattooing your face can be painful and dangerous.

The cheek "tattoos" made of small pieces can all be at risk of infection, especially if the artist does not use sanitary tools.

In addition, there is a small chance that you can develop an allergic reaction to the dye used.

You should be happy with your natural qualities, no matter how skilful your tattoo artist is, your faux fresher will not look as real as your natural fresh BFF.

If you want to experiment, try fresh yourself with some good "ol makeup".

That way you can wash it right.

5. Use Deodorant as Makeup Primer

If you've spent a decent time on social media lately, you've probably noted the trend (or dare I say competition) to try to find the most ridiculous way to try your face and apply your makeup.

Instead of a Beauty Blender (or simply their fingers), ladies have used Christian Louboutin shoes and even silicone benzene inserts to apply their makeup.

And instead of using make-up primer, deodorant was used.

While I can appreciate that I'm handsome when you're in a pinch, there's absolutely no need to use deodorant as a primer if you have the handy makeup primer at hand!

I use personally Youngblood Mineral Primer and LOVE it.

But not to mention that in some cases you do not really need makeup primer at all.

one toned moisturizer or a common moisturizer can work well

In addition, deodorant in your face can irritate the skin and clog your pores.

Chemicals and strong odors used in most deodorants can in the worst case cause an allergic reaction and, at best, break out.

If you are in a pinch and makeup makeup, I recommend moving forward or simply skipping the primer.

One day make-up is much better than a week of allergic reaction or pimples!

Credit: @sofiepeterseen Instagram

4. "Bling" Water lining

I'm sure I do not need to tell you why you should skip this trend!

Just a look at the photo gives me the heebie jeebies!

To put something in the eye – even beautiful jewelry – is extremely dangerous.

You can risk eye damage and open the potential for infections by introducing bacteria into the eye area.

Is it really worth a good Instagram image?

I do not think so.

3. Fixing Self-Tanner with a Magic Eraser

We have all had a self-tanner accident before.

Thankfully, unlike freckle tattoos, self-tanner faux passes usually last for a few days with some good "ol exfoliation."

Definitely do not resort to using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to try to correct your self-timer!

Not only are the cleaning products too hard on your beautiful skin, but the chemicals and the scent can also cause burns and great irritation when rubbed on the skin.

Instead, you jump in the shower as soon as you notice a mistake and scrub with a little natural exfoliant, which this from Image Skincare.

And if you do not have to wear a swimsuit anytime soon, just plan your clothes strategically to cover up the accident until it gets pale!

2. Fishpedicer

We've all heard of the "magic" pedicure where little fishies bite off your dead skin.

Although this sounds fun and detoxifying in theory, it can actually be extremely unhealthy and uncertain.

Unlike ordinary pedicure tools, your nail technology can not sanitize the mouth of the fish after it has rubbed on someone's feet.

Not to mention that the water may not be very sanitary either.

Obviously, there are lots of horror stories about women who have got fish peddles and ended up with infections, lost toenails and even lost tears!

Over 10 US states have banned fishpox all the way!

Instead, you get a traditional pedicure on a reputable and clean nail salon, and rub those calluses at home.

1. Tanning

I have nothing against self tannerIn fact, I love them!

However, I do not love to lie outside in the sun.

Or even worse – with solarium.

You may wonder if tanning really is the scary beauty development on the list, so let me explain why I think so.

There is so much research that shows the connection between tanning and skin cancer, skin damage and premature aging.

In addition, there is not much you can do with reverse sun damage You may have been through as a child or a teenager.

And while many of us feel that we look better with a little sunscreen glow, we can all achieve the same appearance with non-harmful products like tan, sprayman and much more.

Certainly, it may be a little more laborious than spending time at the pool every day.

But it is really worth exposing you to UV rays – # 1 cause of aging?

Studies have shown that UV exposure contributes to 80% of visible signs of aging, and 1 to 5 Americans will develop skin cancer at the age of 70.

Are these risks really worth a "natural" tan?

If you ask me, I will be here with my SPF 50 and my independant – I invite you to join me!

This one from June Jacobs is a personal favorite of me.

Final thoughts

Well, there you are, beauties.

Of course, your opinion may be different than mine, and that's okay!

While some of these trends may be harmless, others come with serious consequences, and I tried to rank them accordingly.

I just want the best for your skin, hair and nails.

Caring for yourself – despite what everyone else is doing – will never go out of style in my book.

Are there any crazy beauty trends I missed? Share them with me in the comments below!

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