Top 6 Hottest nail polish trends and colors in the fall / winter 2018

We ladies are guilty of being charged because there is no such thing as too many nail polishes. With the festive and wedding season here is time to try out these amazing nail polish trends and take your look a notch higher.

nail polish trends autumn / winter 2018
Find out the hottest nail polish trends for 2018.
Source – hello magazine

6 nail polish trends for the festive season

1.Chrome Nails

Chrome nails are the hottest nail polish trends this season. Bold and angular they look super stylish. Flaunt a demure rose gold or a light silver! And the best part-they are doing well with all kinds of clothes. Be festive this season with beautiful chrome spikes.

nail polish trends
Which of these chrome nail polish is your favorite?
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chromium spikes
Matt + chrome, that's what we call a double whammy. So good looking!
Source – Great Curse

2. Nude Mattes

If you are someone who likes the subtle, naked matte nails are best for you. Matt nails has been a love affair for many ladies. Chic and sophisticated, matte nails give an element of boss girl! Flaunt your nude matte or pastel matte nails at parties and even at work.

nude matt nail polish
Rock nude matte nails at work in style!
Source – essie
nail polish trends for the festive season
Okay, cheat a little. But could not resist sharing my curious nudes!

3. Red Hot

Is there anything better than the quintessential red nails? Whether you are the bride or groom's sister, red nails are perfect for this festive and wedding season.

hottest nail polish trend
Believe in the power of red nails. Instant mood lifting therapy.
Source – Opi

Even if you do not get married, only wearing red nail polish and you will feel happier. Pep up your mood under PMS or flaunt them with the classic LBD, but you must fall over the heels of the red nails trend at least once a year.

red nails
On trend with matte red nails!

4. Gold Rush

Feel the festive atmosphere alive with gold nail polish. Whether it's a Diwali party or a wedding, you can always beat the credible gold spikes.

nail polish trends 2018
Perfect for the wedding season!
Source – glamor lady

Go for a subtle champagne gel and for a more classic look, try gold glitter for your ring finger while holding the rest of the nails pastellnagga, or go all daring with shimmering gold nails for a party!

nail polish trends 2018
Some girls are born with glitter in their veins !!

5. Dark Goth Hues

In autumn / winter, trends change to the darker side of color palette. Be it outstanding marsala, deep wine, luscious burgundy or gothic black – this is the perfect time of year to flaunt deeper shades.

nail polish trends autumn / winter
Purple is the color of the year, so why not paint the world and your nails.
Source – Huffington Post

nail polish colors for autumn
Vamp vibbar at point!

6. Blues

Deep dark blues are the trendy nail polish this season. During the summer pastel and powder blue is a big hit, under darker shades in fall / winter as sapphire blue, ink and cobalt dominate the runway and fashion circuit.

best nail polish colors for autumn
Life is too short to have boring nail polish colors.
Source – Opi

You can have a base of blue and highlight the accentspike with gold ombre or glitter and be festive!

nail polish colors for winter 2018
Who says blue nails are not festive enough ??
Source – lulus

Watching these must have lipstick for the fall / winter.

Hope these trends will help you! Let us know which of these are you most happy to try for this festive and wedding season. And do not forget to join us – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for more interesting updates about fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

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