Topshop Beauty is back, with prices from £ 5 and our Beauty Editor's approval rule

Topshop Beauty may not have been on your radar for the first time, maybe you thought it was a bit young, a little trendy, dare I suggest that the glitter pots gave you reason to believe it was not true for us adults?

Fairly enough, the original collection gave lots of shelter to fun kitty-inspired products – although I would argue for the hard formulas, had a lot to offer for all ages – but hey, that's all the water under the bridge now, after a short while hiatus Topshop Beauty has been remodeled and restarted and looks seriously sophisticated.

Topshop Beauty 2.0 has just released in stores and is worth sipping high street for (like your Baxter jeans). It has been rehoused in extremely sexy new matt black and metal packaging, the prices are great, from £ 5 to £ 16, and each product is Leaping Bunny-certified, meaning that not a single element of the formulation has been tested on animals – good to know .

I have worked through the bag of products that dropped on my desk this week and I'm impressed. The vanilla bale gives perfect gloss-free comfort for cold days and just a touch of soft focus pink to lips without sticky or containing addictive drying ingredients.

Buy it now from for £ 8

The Waterproof Eye Pencil in Gunpowder is a beautiful slate bowl that slid easily and more than survived my deep set eyes and oily attracts all day wear and tear challenge, which is no mean.

Buy it now from for £ 8

For pure visual beauty, the thick gold platter of Glow Powder Highlighter required to be tried, and the silky powder inside more than lived up to its shiny outer cover. Use sparingly for daytime radiation or ramp up what you want for the festive season. I used Crescent Moon on my fair Celtic skin, but Solstice would be better at deeper skin tones.

Buy it now from for £ 15

Of course, there is much more to enjoy in the range; W & H Beauty Director Rosie Green is a confirmed fan of Glow Pot, £ 12, while Longwear Liquid Lipsticks, £ 12 comes in every shade you can wear and you can not. Hello, at this price you can afford to experiment.